Medtronic Donates to Multiple Charities This Summer

Why give to just one charitable organization, when you can give to many? Medtronic, a repeat customer of ours, decided that this summer, one charity wasn’t enough!

We found ourselves once again at Medtronic, for an on-site workshop to help them build teams and give back. They’re really getting to know their community in Minneapolis, which is where they’re located.

How’s that? Because every time you complete a charity workshop with Magnovo, you’re building bridges with your surrounding neighborhood. We incorporate special touches like inviting the charity group to attend a donation ceremony at the end of each charity workshop.

Making Donations Personal and Special

MedtronicWe also encourage “personalization” of the group donations. For example, with this workshop, which was a Rescue Buddies™ event, we don’t just give away stuffed animals. We have workshop participants create individualized “birth certificates”, one for each bear. That way, when kids get these buddies, they know they’re special. They also know that someone cared very much when they put them together.

Another example: in our Wagon Builders™ workshop, we have groups decorate the little red wagons they build. They then complete them by filling them with fun goodies for the donation recipients.

Those special touches are what form stronger bonds with the community. When companies like Medtronic put all their heart and soul into a charity workshop with us, it makes a real difference in the community. Participants know this, and it helps them feel even more aligned with the company they work for. It’s a win-win all around!

Medtronic and Three Days of Rescue Buddies™!

Over the course of three days, the groups from Medtronic competed, collaborated, and communicated their way through all the fun challenges we put in front of them. The result? Lots of stuffed animals were made, and just as many “birth certificates” were created to go along with them.

And of course, the group got to practice their team building skills in a fun, non-threatening environment, which is always a plus.

Looking Forward to Next Year With Medtronic

Overall this was a great event – we had to work very hard and it was three days of intense (yet fun!) work on communication, collaboration, and of course stuffing the animals for the kids.

It was all in good cheer, though, and we always love every minute of working with the groups from Medtronic. They too are already excited about next year. See you then!