Med Assets Relies on Teamwork During Corporate Change

When a company like Med Assets gets bought, what happens to all the employees during the transition? It can be one of the most challenging times for everyone. Teamwork can play a huge role in helping groups get through the rocky seas of this type of corporate change.

Med Assets is in the business of providing healthcare management software to hospitals throughout the U.S. and Canada. It’s hard to provide support, maintain innovation, and generally keep the ball rolling, however, when the whole company is in upheaval.

So when they came to Magnovo for a bicycle building charity workshop, they also wanted help with teamwork and communication. No problem!

Med Assets

Med Assets Knows that Teamwork Will Always Get You Through

There’s no other scenario quite like your employer changing hands to make you feel ill at ease at work. Multiply that feeling across the total number of employees and you’ve got the makings for a motivation problem that’s hard to manage and even more difficult to overcome.

But the Med Assets group we met with this past June seemed to have no problem with the concept of teamwork. Sure, they were facing huge changes at work, as they’d recently been bought by Vizient.

And sure, the group was made up of teams from different departments and they hardly knew one another. But after a few ice breakers and some fabulous hands-on activities that stressed communication and collaboration skills, they weren’t showing any signs of nervousness, fear, or other signs of stress.

Building Bikes for Kids in El Segundo, CA

Med Assets is located near Los Angeles, in a city called El Segundo. The workshop was held at Med Assets, in one of their conference rooms. We arranged the furniture to make the room ready for our interactive style activities (and for bicycle building!), and then we were on our way.

The group was a little reserved at first, but they quickly warmed up and were soon thoroughly engaged in all the workshop activities, which led up the final project: building those bicycles.

Kids from Bresee Show Up

Bresee, an youth center outside of Los Angeles, provides after-school programs as well as family services. We were happy to work with them for the Med Assets workshop. In fact, they were great! Reps from the charity got kids there, had parents there, and it was a great time for everyone.