What Does it Mean to Be a Good Corporate Neighbor?

Being a good neighbor goes well beyond the street you live on. As a business in your community, you have a unique chance to build and strengthen relationships with other businesses and the general public. When you succeed, the benefits are felt by more than your internal team members.

Building Longevity Through Good Neighborhood Relationships

pexels photoIn years past, many companies have worked inside a bubble, squarely focused on their own dealings without much regard to the surrounding community. Some believe the two are mutually exclusive, one having nothing to do with the other (with the exception of using community players to staff its workforce).

Times are changing, and companies are realizing that what’s happening outside of a company is just as important as what’s going on internally. Whether you realize it or not, your community impacts your business’s ability to thrive. When you invest in your neighbors, you receive a stronger talent pool. It improves the local economy. It provides new opportunities to build partnerships with other area businesses.

And perhaps most importantly, it makes people cheer for you. They want to see your company succeed because they know you’re just as invested in their livelihood as you are your own. People want to work for and buy from companies they can believe in, and it starts by proving you’re one of their own.

Fostering Community from the Inside Out

It only takes one person to make a positive impact that others will feel. But think about the impression you can make when you have everyone on your team seeking the same goals.

To foster good neighbor relations as a corporation, consider using your next team building event to give back to your community. Choose a local charity and find out how you and your employees can support their mission to reach your own corporate goals.

Your team gains the benefit of working together and learning new skills while also creating a service mentality. As a result, people in your community directly gain from your contributions and while your company is represented in a favorable position.

To learn more about charity team building workshops or to start planning an event, contact us today and discover how you can become a better corporate neighbor.