Maxim Healthcare, Supporting Health in All its Many Forms

Maxim Healthcare offers all sorts of healthcare services to support health and well-being. But on this day last August, they supported health in a whole new way.

When it comes to supporting community health, there are a lot of ways to get involved. Maxim Healthcare already plays a major role in the nation’s healthcare system, providing staffing, training, and services across the country. This summer, they chose to support healthcare in a new way: by giving back through Wheels of the World.

What’s Wheels of the World?

Wheels of the World is a charitable organization that matches donated wheelchairs with people around the world who desperately need them. When you choose our Wheelcharity® team building workshop, one of the options for where your donations will go is this organization.

How Did Maxim Healthcare’s Charity Workshop Go?

The Wheelcharity® workshop fit right into Maxim Healthcare’s nationwide conference. The conference was attended primarily for their caregivers and corporate office staff. There were over 100 people representing all departments at their main offices in Baltimore.

We met at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel, and started the event with a fun round of ice breakers. The Maxim participants came into the event with very positive attitudes and were therefore able to hit the ground running, as far as teamwork was concerned.

Nevertheless, we completed a full round of ice breakers. Next up we dove into an activity designed to break the group into team divisions, which were necessary for the highlight event: Commercials.

After the Personal Scavenger Hunt, we got ready for the Wheelchair build. Even though our space was not ideal (we were in a busy area of the conference with lots going on around us), the group of 115-120 people worked well together and made everything work.

That just goes to show: teamwork can overcome most obstacles. Working with limited resources definitely qualifies (i.e. when your physical environment is distracting and busy).

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Sometimes when teams find their groove and are really able to get lots of great things accomplished, you can actually hear the results. That is, you hear laughter. It’s a sign that people are comfortable with one another, they’re probably sharing ideas and information, and that means communication and collaboration are working out very well.

That’s what happened with the group from Maxim Healthcare as they assembled their wheelchairs: laughter! And they truly did accomplish great things that day. They assembled the wheelchairs and donated them to Wheels for the World. Not a bad outcome for just another day at the annual conference!