Mastering the Art of Public Speaking

How to Remain Confident While at the Podium

For many people, public speaking can be a rather daunting task. Many individuals tend to become overwhelmed and anxious at the thought of having to deliver a speech to a crowd, whether small or large.

Many thoughts can run through the mind of a speaker as he or she approaches the stage. There is the fear of losing one’s train of thought, stumbling on words or dropping cue cards. The possibility of negative crowd reactions or a lack of audience engagement can also be a source of stress.

The question arises as to how a speaker can remain focused and confident throughout the duration of the speech. Here are some tips on how to approach the podium with confidence.

Knowledge is Power


How to Remain Confident While at the PodiumOne of the most important characteristics of a powerful speaker is being knowledgeable on the topic at hand. In order to keep the audience engaged, the speaker must be well informed and confident in his or her argument. This requires the individual to perform extensive research prior to the development of the speech. She or he will gain a solid understanding of the topic and also have the ability to answer additional questions from audience members with ease.

Always Practice

Practice is key to getting the speaker comfortable with the material and the flow of the speech. While speakers may practice alone in front of a mirror, it may also prove valuable to deliver the speech to a test audience. This provides a forum for constructive criticism and gives speakers additional feedback on how to improve overall presentation skills, including eye contact and the volume and tone of their voices.

Be Passionate

To really capture the attention of an audience, one must be passionate about the topic on which one is speaking. It is important for individuals to be strong in their convictions and truly believe in their arguments. Whether or not audience members share the same opinions, they will find themselves enticed by the speaker’s passion and be more apt to listen to the overall message of the speech.

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