Make Charity a Lifestyle Through Company Bonding Activities

Make Charity a Lifestyle Through Company Bonding Activities

Company bonding activities should be a year round commitment. For example, it’s a New Year, but that doesn’t mean that the season for generosity is over. You don’t have to wait until the end of the year to give to those in need.

You and your company can make a New Year’s resolution to establish a tradition of hosting company bonding activities that reflect the spirit of charity all year long. Some people call this corporate social responsibility. We simply call it caring for our neighbors.

company bonding activitiesOne of our most popular and effective company bonding activities is our Charity Giving Stations Workshop. Picture a sampler platter of the best charitable team building events in the world all in one place!

During our Wagon Builders Charity Team Building Workshop you’ll assemble a little red wagon and cram it full of goodies–wholesome canned and dry goods, nutritious snacks, and practical household items for a needy family.

During our Wheelcharity Wheelchair Team Building Workshop you and your crew will assemble wheelchairs for hospital patients, nursing home residents, and veterans centers. You can trick them out so that the new owners can pop wheelies in style.

If bigger wheels are more your speed, our Bike-A-Thon Team Building Workshop might be right up your alley.  You can help to construct a bicycle for a needy youth in your community and help him cruise into a bright future.

Want to put your team building energy where your heart is? No doubt company bonding activities like our Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop are perfect for you. Police officers, firefighters, and social service agencies often encounter traumatized children who’ve recently survived a fire or other family tragedy. Rescue Buddies are sure-fire, plush love-therapy.

First, you and your colleagues will assemble the huggable little cuddle-bug. Then, you’ll stuff it into a brightly colored backpack, and partner with local first responders to make sure it reaches the loving arms of a child who really needs some comfort. Imagine being part of such a wonderfully supportive team!

A  wheelchair, a bike, a wagon, or a stuffed animal–our Giving Stations events allow you to dive into any or all of these exciting projects. In the hands of our seasoned facilitators, each workshop becomes a marathon of merriment as you and your coworkers go from one station to the other assembling, decorating, and preparing gifts for eager recipients. And while you’re at it, you’ll build relationships with your fellow staff members that will make you better people and better employees.

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