Magnovo’s DiSC Workshop Helps Milestone AV’s Eden Prairie Minnesota Salespeople Focus on Customers

Milestone AV turned to Magnovo to deliver our DiSC Workshop to their salespeople in Eden Prairie Minnesota to Help Them Focus on Customers

The DiSC Personality Training workshop always proves to be valuable, no matter who the client may be…but we always love it when our clients are salespeople because we’re able to see such a direct impact! That’s why the Milestone AV Technologies DiSC Personalities Workshop was such a pleasure all around: their global salespeople were able to gain immediate results which they could use right away once they were back at work.

84 Milestone AV participants gathered in their Eden Prairie office for a DiSC Personality Workshop which was tailored for their time frame of 4 hours. Here’s how it went:

The DiSC Personality Assessment

DiSC-Accredited-Workshops-logoEach participant completed a DiSC Assessment ahead of time, and was given the results on the day of the workshop. If you’ve never seen a DiSC Assessment before, it goes into great detail about the personality style of the subject and gives a “prime personality temperament”. Every person is primarily one of four types, and the reveal during the workshop is fascinating to everyone.

The report also shares what the individual’s strengths and weaknesses are, and how to use that knowledge to improve relationships with coworkers and customers. This is the key focus of the assessment for our workshop…we want to take the insights beyond “oh wow” and actually put them to practical use.

Here’s how we accomplished that:

Getting Meaning Out of Personality Assessments

After learning how personality styles affect behavior, and then learning what their own personality styles turned out to be, participants were able to better understand themselves. We took that insight and expanded it…

The Workshop was focused on three main topics:

  1. understanding ourselves
  2. understanding others
  3. how to modify our behavior to better communicate with others

The goal of the Milestone AV Technologies group was to:

  1. learn to be more effective at sales by better understanding themselves
  2. learn how to identify their customers’ personality styles so they could make better connections with them

The attendees broke into groups according to personality style, in order to help them identify with other people with similar traits. Then they brainstormed about ways to be more effective with their sales calls by focusing on the customer.

The feedback on the workshop was very positive and several people said that they went through similar training in the past, but that this training was much more effective and a lot more fun. That’s what we aim for!