Magnovo Training Group Launches New Charity Team Building Workshop

Mission: Sports Care! Aims to Help Local Youth Sports Leagues in Your Community

softball pitcher female sport 163365 1Each year, kids in every community sign up for local sports leagues that offer valuable life lessons as well as important health benefits. Unfortunately, most of these leagues are under-funded and have to rely on donations. When donations don’t come through, parents who can afford to will pitch in. But for kids whose families can’t contribute, it’s game over and they don’t get to play.
That’s where Magnovo Training Group can help. Magnovo’s newest charity team building workshop, Mission: Sports Care, is the company’s way of helping local youth sports leagues in your community. By partnering with Magnovo, you can make a difference in the lives of young, local athletes by scheduling a Mission: Sports Care charity workshop.

Your group or business schedules the workshop and Magnovo Training Group handles the rest. Your team will gather at a predetermined time and place and participate in a variety of team building exercises with one end goal in mind; assembling the donations they’ll be sending to local groups.

Everyone knows it’s good for kids to get outside and play sports. With the childhood obesity epidemic growing every year, they need all the opportunities they can get for being active. But the benefits to kids who play in youth sports leagues go well beyond the physical. Equally important are the social lessons they learn and the personal traits they strengthen when they play on a team. Not only does Magnovo’s Mission: Sports Care promote the importance of youth athletics, it also helps build team comradery and morale within your participating group.

And what will the donated items be? Sports equipment for young children. Magnovo arranges for the equipment to go to local kids through the community groups who run their sports leagues. They do great work for our little team members- you can help support their efforts – and build your own team skills while you’re at it!

If you’d like to support youth sports leagues in your community, call to schedule or submit a request to schedule your Mission: Sports Care workshop today. Watch our video to learn more!
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