Magnovo Training Group Launches Millennial Connections Workshop

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN, July 11, 2017– Magnovo Training Group, in an effort to bridge the gap between millennials and other generations in the workforce, has launched a new workshop aimed at a younger, millennial audience. The Millennial Connections workshop was created by Magnovo Director of Training and Development, Steve Sweeny, in hopes of creating better working relationships between millennials and their older colleagues.

“There are a lot of walls as it relates to generations working together. Assumptions and realities have created tension, anxiety and relational barriers that don’t need to exist,” Sweeny said. “Those things can be mitigated with better understanding and by working on our mindset.” And, that’s exactly what this workshop aims to do.

Instructors hope to inspire participants and teach them strategies for making connections. The workshop content is based on established psychological theories and sound management practices. “We can, in our workshop environments, help to make people aware of their own biases as well as others in a way that is safe and fun,” said Sweeny. “Gaining the ability to understand and properly address where those differences create tension, bad work relationships and ultimately a less cohesive/productive team will only help make a company better,” he added.

Sweeny is excited to see his concept come to fruition and is optimistic about the workshop’s ability to bring generations together in the workforce. “It’s my desire that people get along. I want everyone to be happy. That makeup has driven me to find ways to connect with people. And then I want to connect them with each other.  I truly believe that as people grow in their own positive treatment of others, they exact change in those people.”

Magnovo Training Group focuses on providing valuable training in a fun, interactive environment. A Millennial Connections workshop can help created generational bridges within your organization that illuminate a clear path forward for teams, departments, and the entire company. Magnovo’s dynamic programs are tailored to your team’s current and future needs. Professional facilitators are able maintain a fun-filled environment while still carrying out clients’ program goals. Call our corporate specialists at 800.861.8326, or visit our webpage, for a free quote on an Executive Presence for Millennials workshop today so we can help your company be ready for tomorrow.

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