Magnovo Training Group Facilitates Event that Donates More Than 200 Bikes to Four Charities Working with Children

Magnovo Training Group Facilitates Event that Donates More Than 200 Bikes to Four Charities Working with Children

Magnovo Training Group specializes in charity teambuilding workshops that are fun and educational but also are philanthropic and give back to the community at the same time. Recently, Magnovo had the honor of partnering to facilitate a two-day event. During those two days, more than 1,000 employees came together for a bigger purpose.

After dividing into teams, they built more than 200 bikes over the course of the two day event. Charity teambuilding workshops are a unique way to pair non-profit organizations in need of support with companies looking to benefit their communities.

Charities that benefited from this generous donation were the Minneapolis University YMCA, Bike Cops for Kids, CEAP and Simon Says Give; all of which were very appreciative of the donations. “I saw the excitement first hand! They were grateful for the donation,” said Bikes4Kids volunteer Paula Foley.

Magnovo Training Group focuses on providing valuable training in a fun, interactive environment. Learn more about their charity teambuilding events by visiting

About Magnovo Training Group

Magnovo Training Group is a professional development company dedicated to creating meeting experiences that matter with an extensive range of customized workshops, charity team building, and performance consulting throughout the Indianapolis region, as well as across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Offering workshops that focus on leadership, public speaking, and team building activities, the company features an energized group of soft-skills experts. Magnovo Training Group strives to inspire positive change for clients. Every workshop is tailored to the clients’ needs in order to create impactful, experience-based events that educate, inspire leaders, and develop teams. The company emphasizes philanthropy: each of its team building workshops contribute to the community. For more information, please visit

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