Magnovo Salutes America’s First Responders

emt respondersMagnovo is proud to join the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians in celebrating National EMS Week – May 19-25This year’s theme is “Beyond the Call” and it’s absolutely on point!

There are nearly a million certified, licensed EMS practitioners in America. They include paramedics, emergency medical technicians, and emergency medical responders.  These heroic professionals are on the frontlines fighting for and protecting our health and safety every day!

They’re the ones who come to our rescue before we reach our family doctors, and they deliver us safely to our neighborhood hospitals. From strokes, drug overdoses, drownings, falls to gunshots. They’re right there. When we’re in a car accident, they’re on the scene. When we have difficulty breathing, they are ready to help.

When we have chest pains, they snatch us from the brink of death. These men and women are often our first and last line of defense, but we don’t always appreciate them until we need them.

rescue buddies ambulanceOne of Magnovo’s greatest honors has been working with first responders around the country as part of our Rescue Buddies Charity Workshops.

Rescue Buddies are stuffed animals assembled during our leadership training sessions. The toy assembly process gives our clients real-time experience practicing the communications and teambuilding skills we teach them.

The real beauty of the workshop is that they learn how to work as a team while creating something that will help children in their community. Then they hand off the toys to local first responders for distribution.

Police officers, EMS, and firefighters often encounter terrified kids after an auto accident, a house fire, or a domestic incident. They keep a stash of our Rescue Buddies in their vehicles to give these frightened and confused children something to cling to.

The Rescue Buddies Charity Workshops are one of our most popular and successful events and it’s easy to understand why. No matter how lofty or lowly their professional positions, all of our clients are grateful for the chance to make an important difference in the life of a little child!