Magnovo President, Rob Jackson, Presents Workshops Aboard Cruise

Magnovo President, Rob Jackson, Presents Workshops Aboard Cruise

President of Magnovo Training Group, Rob Jackson, recently had the opportunity facilitate training sessions aboard a cruise ship. According to him, it was the best of both worlds. “I was able to enjoy a relaxing vacation and also spend time facilitating workshops; which I thoroughly enjoy,” he said.

Jackson was aboard the Azamara Journey for 16 days and visited eight Caribbean islands. Jackson facilitated several sessions including ones on how to handle difficult guests, leadership and public speaking.

On the trip, Jackson was able to make a large impact on Azamara Club Cruises’ cruise ship staff. His keynote speech on teamwork to more than 500 staff. More than 80 individuals attended the smaller, breakout workshops. “It was a great opportunity to reach so many in such a unique setting,” Jackson said. “I was impressed by the staff and took away several lessons myself from the experience.”

Jackson noted that the staff seemed to have great cohesiveness and worked together well to accomplish a common goal. “One thing I took away from the two-week adventure was how the crew of the ship worked together to provide the ultimate passenger experience,” he said. “As a unit, they accomplish two things; they excel at their jobs and as a team all while ensuring their guests have a vacation they will remember forever.”

Magnovo partners with businesses and organizations of all sizes to provide various teambuilding workshops to their associates. The charity team building events not only develop a stronger and more cohesive team, but each one has a philanthropic twist — giving back through local charities and community organizations. These workshops were created with the goal of inspiring significant, positive change within organizations and communities.

Jackson said this concept directly correlates to what occurred on the ship. “In a way, charity team building events are built on the same concept. They are people working together to be their best as a group, while providing a unique outcome for those that will cherish their efforts,” he said.

About Magnovo Training Group

Magnovo Training Group is a professional development company dedicated to creating meeting experiences that matter with an extensive range of customized workshops, charity team building, and performance consulting throughout the Indianapolis region, as well as across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Offering workshops that focus on leadership, personality styles, and team building activities, the company features an energized group of soft-skills experts. Magnovo Training Group strives to inspire positive change for clients. Every workshop is tailored to the clients’ needs in order to create impactful, experience-based events that educate, inspire leaders, and develop teams. Magnovo Training Group is a member of the BBB, NSA (National Speaker’s Association), Visit Indy and is an Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner. For more information, please visit

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