Magnovo Facilitates Rescue Buddies Workshop for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Magnovo was honored to partner with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in a Rescue Buddies Team Building Workshop in January of 2023. The workshop resulted in giving over 150 stuffed animals to the Washington Kids in Transition organization. The Gates Foundation group consisted of over sixty Human Resources members that got together to strengthen their team with bonding and fun. There were smiles and a few tears as Chris Reintegrado, the representative from Washington Kids in Transition, shared with everyone the impact that the Rescue Buddies would have on the children that his organization serves.

Washington Kids in Transition is an organization in the state of Washington that helps over 1,200 children in South Snohomish County that are considered homeless. What started as a grass roots effort has grown into a community-wide passion. By collaborating with community partners and working through licensed social workers in area schools, Washington Kids in Transition is able to provide fast assistance to students and families in the community.

The kids in this program are a part of the McKinney-Vento Education of Homeless Children and Youth Assistance Act. This Act was created to provide homeless students the same educational opportunities as housed students by removing as many barriers as possible. These children may live in shelters, tents, cars, transitional housing or other temporary housing. Many of these children leave school each day and may not have anything to eat until the next morning. Some need help with clothes or shoes, others need help finding a place to sleep.

The Rescue Buddies Workshop provides its recipients with a special stuffed animal of their own. But the workshop itself does much more than that for its participants. It fosters team building and focuses on problem-solving amongst the group, giving the opportunity to overcome frustrations and challenges together. Not only is it a “feel good” workshop, but it’s also incredibly meaningful and impactful.

If you are looking to strengthen your team, but also make an impact in your community, reach out to Magnovo to learn more about Rescue Buddies and our other Charity Team Building workshops. You, too, can reap the benefits of one of these powerful sessions!

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