Liberty Mutual Insurance Makes Huge Strides in Nashville, TN

This was, without a doubt, one of the best workshops we’ve staged in a long time. Of course, we enjoy all of our workshops, but this one seemed especially satisfying for a variety of reasons. First, it was a huge group from a great company — 130 top level staffers from Liberty Mutual Insurance working their tails off in a 3,000 square foot room. Second, the Liberty Mutual team seemed almost self-propelled, with a number of great leaders and people who clearly took pride in their roles. That’s one of the reasons we took so much pride in helping and watching them grow. Last but not least, we helped a great company donate fancy bicycles to a wonderful organization.

Liberty Mutual Insurance A Big Group With Even Bigger Dreams

During our pre-workshop meetings with their management team, Liberty Mutal Insurance told us exactly how things stood in their departments and what they wanted to achieve during the workshop. First, they wanted us to help their staff play off one another’s talents and skill sets more effectively. Their second goal was intimately related to the first– they wanted us to design a workshop that could help highly skilled people think more about the bigger picture. Oh, they also wanted to donate more bicycles to their chosen charity than any company ever had before! Not a bad goal, huh? We’re pretty sure their charity The Martha O’Bryan Center thought so!

We started off with icebreaker/warm-ups like Air Counting, Dice Game, and a neat game called Flip The Cup. We even had them do some group writing, just to get the creative juices flowing before they started assembling bikes. It was a very satisfying workshop for us. Their performance was excellent from the very start and improved visibly as the day progressed.

Nothing to See Here But Fun, Teamwork, and Plenty of Bikes for the Martha O’Bryan Center

The great leadership, teamwork, and fun continued for the rest of the workshop. The teams zipped right through the gathering parts phase and started assembling bikes like it was their only job. We really enjoyed the positive comments we heard afterward and knowing that Liberty Mutual would be taking the lessons they learned back to the office.

One thing we know for sure is that the Liberty Mutual team filled that huge room with an incredible rush of activity. Each team was truly a unit, with egos getting pushed aside for the greater good and everyone diving headfirst into their roles. All in all, it seemed like a fantastic experience for everyone.