Legrand AV Customer Support and DiSC

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After a recent crisis at Legrand AV, customer support became a matter of life and DiSC. When operations at one of their companies hit the skids, they called in Magnovo’s DiSC experts to help the staff regroup.

In French, the word Legrand means “large,” and the name certainly suits this company. Legrand AV is one of the world’s largest audiovisual equipment designers and manufacturers.

High-quality projection screens. AV furniture. AV infrastructure foundation installations. Cameras. Chief mounts. Racks. TV accessories. Displays. Innovative screen technologies. They are redefining the video conference industry.

Their mission: “To provide the foundation for amazing AV experiences through innovative solutions and exceptional service that solve our customers’ AV integration and technology challenges.” 

Their goal: “To transform the spaces where people live and work, through innovative products and solutions that deliver and manage power, light, and data.”

When you can’t see the forest for the trees

Nothing can rattle a company like a shaky bottom line. While the Legrand AV flagship was holding steady, one of its key companies was floundering. As they diagnosed problems with their operational model, the executive team wanted to salvage relationships with their top customers.

When you’re in panic mode, you can easily lose perspective, especially when you’re steering a big rig. And if there’s mud on your windshield, you can’t see the forest, the trees, or the road.

Legrand AV invited 15 of its top managers to spend the day with Magnovo for some intensive DiSC personality styles training to better understand themselves, their colleagues, and their customers.

Customer Support and DiSC—a winning combination

DiSC isn’t a crystal ball or a magic wand but can transform a team by peering into the hearts of you and your team members. It’s a roadmap into our minds, moods, and personalities—the attributes that make us who we are.

Dominant. Influential. Supportive. Conscientious. These are the 4 basic personality types. And like the 4 basic food groups we learned as kids, each ingredient is important, and there are a thousand ways to mix them up—but you need to know what you’re doing.

The Legrand AV staffers discovered strengths and weaknesses in their own personalities and how to become better professionally and personally. Their inner discovery helped them uncover ways they can all serve the company’s customers better—being more understanding, conscientious, and patient.

It was an intense session, but the fruit of their labors is already showing up in staff morale and their bottom line. Customer support and DiSC go hand in glove.