Leadership Team Building and Holiday Generosity

The most dynamic leadership team building strategies create a platform upon which members of the team can demonstrate their personal strengths and flex their professional muscles as well. A charitable team building workshop is the ideal setting in which to accomplish both.

Charitable team building workshops incorporate attributes that are usually anathema to big business: displaying genuine human compassion and embracing the highest ideals of corporate social responsibility. These noble and virtuous concepts are like oil and water in traditional corporate settings–they simply don’t mix with the rabid pursuit of bigger profits and more professional prowess.

Leadership team buildingBut non-traditional corporate policies are paving the way for a brave new world of corporate accountability through philanthropy. And company bean-counters throughout corporate America are discovering that this approach really pays off in the end. Leadership team building through participation in charitable team building workshops redirects the energies and talents of each team member away from self-centered ambition and toward the selfless investment in members of the wider community.

And that alone can compel each person to reassess their priorities, and help them focus on what’s really important in life: helping the have-nots among their fellow citizens instead of seeking to have it all for themselves.

Most of us want to “make a difference” in the quality of life around us, but often lack the time to find the right outlet for such compassion. A well organized and customized charitable team building workshop makes it easy for each participant to carve out time to offer that help. The best workshops are rewarding for both the participants and the recipients of their largesse.

The upcoming holiday season is tailor-made for generosity. Consider our Donate a Meal Team Building Workshop. You and your colleagues can break up into teams and compete for ingredients to be included in a holiday feast for a grateful family. Yes. That’s right! Having fun is built into all of our charitable team building workshops.

For the pet lovers on your staff, you can add to the merriment of a family in your hometown by easing the financial burden of pet adoption. How? Through our Happy Tails Team Building Workshop. You and your colleagues will assemble some pet-care products that your donor family can’t afford. Think chew toys, blankets, food and water bowls, grooming brushes, leashes, scratching posts, and even pet treats.

Leadership team building is about thinking outside the box–the boardroom box, that is. It’s about facilitating the development of solid relationships among your colleagues through events like our charitable team building workshops. It’s about being proactive, and pro-people. As the interpersonal strength of your team grows, so will your company’s profits.