A Large Group from Freed Maxick Gives Back in a Big Way at Our Rescue Buddies Workshop in Niagara Falls

This was a huge Rescue Buddies Workshop we staged for the Freed Maxick Accounting Firm at the Niagara Falls Conference and Events Center in upstate New York. With over 250 team members in attendance, it was imperative that our facilitators come in armed with the most precise knowledge of what the company wanted to accomplish. Fortunately, we gained this knowledge while meeting with management beforehand and from the Mission: Military Care workshop we’d designed for Freed Maxick last year. These pre-workshop briefings are one of the keys to our workshops’ success because they ensure that everything we do is client-focused and goal-oriented.

Freed Maxick and the Big Picture

FreedIt’s really just part of human nature for individuals to lose sight of the bigger picture when they’re working as part of a large group, but that doesn’t eliminate the necessity of keeping everyone on the same page. That’s where Magnovo comes in– it’s our job to design just the workshop our clients need to fuse their staff into a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts and maximize productivity.

The Mission: Military Care Workshop we’d staged for Freed Maxwell the year before proved to be of great assistance for their 2017 event. The feedback from both staff and management had been great — everyone had a wonderful time and learned a lot– but it also helped us avoid redundancies and focus on the firm’s evolving needs.

This knowledge was especially helpful with such a large group because it allowed us to get started quickly and stay focused throughout the day. But we have to give Freed Maxick some credit here too — they came in teachable, energetic, and ready to give back to the community that supported them. That made our job that much easier and the workshop that much more effective.

Freed Maxick Goes All Out to Give Back

We got things going quickly. After dividing the large group into smaller teams, we took them through the paces of some important warm-up activities right away. After these mini-games established the right teamwork tone, we went into the parts earning and assembly stages.

The results were unbelievable. Freed Maxick had decided to donate their assembled toys to seven different local charities and managed to finish exactly 250 stuffed animals during the workshop. That meant plenty of joy to go around and teamwork lessons that Freed Maxick could take back to the office.