Kiekert USA Sends International Team to Build Wheelchairs

Detroit, Mi seems an unlikely gathering spot for a mini United Nations of corporate employees to do good for the community, but there it was: an international meeting for Kiekert USA plus some team building as well as giving back. All in a day’s work!

Kiekert USA’s Global Conference

The purpose for Kiekert USA to hold meetings in Detroit was multi-faceted. There was the team building aspect as people from China, Mexico, USA and all around Europe only gather a couple of times a year. This is their chance to build bonds and strengthen those teamwork connections in person.

Kiekert USA

Participants in our workshop are the ‘ideas’ people when it comes to improving the workplace for the entire company. And then there was the key component as this was the global conference for Kiekert’s Zukunftsmacher initiative (their brand of corporate social responsibility) as these leaders drive the company into the future.

As you can see, it was a very diverse group of leaders- not always the ideal setup for a fun charity team-building workshop! Leaders can sometimes be competitive, and when they don’t know one another very well: things can get pretty stiff. That’s the opposite of what we want for team building, of course. We want open lines of communication, easy collaboration, and lots of sharing of information going on.

These Leaders Proved They Could Work Together

It was amazing that a group of people from such diverse homes, languages, cultures and time zones could work together so well and have such a great rapport. Our activities encouraged them to communicate carefully as it relates to others’ understanding of what we are trying to get across. It was fun it was to see the light of understanding go on during the event.

Our activities included:

Say What I Say (ice breaker)
Air Counting (ice breaker)
Circuit Ball (ice breaker)
Personal Scavenger Hunt
Wheel Chair build
Presentation & Pictures

Wheelchairs Were Donated to World Medical Relief

Kiekert USA’s “Zukunftsmacher” program is an ongoing initiative, with weekly video meetings to discuss new ways to get involved in giving back. We were proud to be a part of such an inspiring program with our Wheelcharity™ workshop. 4 Wheelchairs were donated to World Medical Relief, who would see to it that the wheelchairs were given out to individuals who needed them.

Through our day with the Kiekert group and through what we’ve seen of their special style of corporate social responsibility, we’re proud to know them and honored to help them with their goals.