JB Learning’s Sales Team Helps Local Kids Through Wagon Builders Workshop

The sales team of a learning solutions company came together in the Big Easy to hone communication skills while helping area kids through Magnovo’s Wagon Builders™ workshop.

Making Negotiation Easier

JB Learning hosted a meeting of its sales team in New Orleans. As part of the event, the company wanted to give employees a chance to practice hands-on skills, while doing something fun that gave back to the community. That’s where Magnovo came in. Our Wagon Builders™ workshop gave participants a unique and powerful chance to practice negotiating skills in a safe yet realistic environment. The group worked on their communication skills, with special attention paid to negotiating with potential clients.

We met the sales team from JB Learning at The Saint Hotel New Orleans. There were about 20 participants, and everyone was eager to begin. We played a few icebreaker games to break up the meeting mindset and help folks mentally change gears.

Wagon Builders™ in New Orleans

After we divided the group into teams, the Wagon Builders™ workshop began in overdrive. Teams received wagon parts and, through the challenges we assigned to them, had to assemble each wagon through some kind of challenge. Activities were designed to enhance facets of good communication among team members, as well as boost creativity and build trust.

Teams earned items to fill their wagons through an additional round of games and activities. This is where the groups started to get a little competitive but in a good way. Those that earned enough to fill their wagons first cheered on the others.

Helping Kids Through Raintree

Once the wagons were complete, each team filled their wagons with the kids’ books and toys, and decorated the wagons for children. People really got into that part! When Whitney Armentor from Raintree Children and Family Services arrived to accept delivery of the wagons, she was stunned at how many wagons were completed.

Whitney took a few minutes to talk to the group about Raintree and the help they offer to at-risk children and families. Members of the JB Learning sales team later said that this was the most memorable part of their day. They were glad to know that the activities they completed that day weren’t just academic. They served a purpose in helping local children. It was a powerful motivator and meaningful learning tool. In the wrap-up session, several people said the negotiating skills they practiced while working in groups were more likely to stick because of the Wagon Builders™ program.