Jazz Pharmaceuticals Surprises Children at Shriners Hospital

Jazz Pharmaceuticals has dedicated themselves to serving the well-being of others, and their Magnovo Wagon Builders event illustrated their passion for helping others beyond healthcare.

jazz PharmaceuticalsFrom Corporate Employees to Community Team

Our group of 20 attendees entered the Wagon Builders charity event in Philadelphia, PA with open minds and an eagerness to make an impact. Because of a few last minute changes, the event was shortened to an hour and fifteen minutes, which helped fuel the event’s excitement. Most members of the group had been working together for a long time, so condensing the workshop allowed them to enjoy each other’s company while strengthening their existing bonds.

The group was used to giving back to others in the form of higher quality of life from the products they provide. But this special task gave them the opportunity to see firsthand the effects their actions have on others. As a result, the team was able to fully understand and appreciate the value of their charity contributions.

Wagons Provide More than Entertainment for Sick Children

Team building, communication, and trust were all critical goals of the event, and these goals were achieved through building and filling wagons for patients at the Shriners Hospitals for Children. Participants had to work together to build multiple wagons, then fill them with activities and games for the patients to enjoy during their hospitalization.

It was a simple task with a positive outcome, but the wagons were more than a gift of entertainment. Each wagon donated represented a gift of hope and compassion, letting the recipients know that members of the surrounding community cared for them. In addition, the tokens were a temporary – yet appreciated – distraction from the medical environment, allowing patients to create positive memories and experiences during their stay.

Team Building Success for the Future

As Jazz Pharmaceuticals’ first official team building event, this was a prime opportunity for their new leadership to connect with team members that were already familiar and comfortable working with each other. This also gave veteran members a chance to learn more about their new team leaders and help them adjust to the shift in dynamics and what it could signal for their future endeavors. Even without a full session, this team didn’t hesitate to pull together to make the most of their time and contribute to a cause larger than their own.