HP’s Bike-A-Thon Puts Together a Good Time for Plano, TX Kids

HP had such a good experience the last time they did a charity team building event with us, the called us back for a Bike-A-Thon™ holiday team building event to help local kids again. We met with about 100 HP staffers at the local Hilton Plano Granite Park in Plano. It was a huge ballroom, which was nice for spreading out and working comfortably. Sound quality was a bit of an issue, but our facilitator rolled with it and found the sweet spot in the room for projecting his voice to the crowd.

HP Gets Down to Work in Plano, TX

Hewlett PackardThe HP team was filled with folks who already knew each other pretty well. This meant we could get started right away. The HP coordinator of the event had already assigned employees to teams, so we kicked off with a few simple ice breakers. Then, we quickly moved into bigger games and activities. Everyone enjoyed Say What I Say, Air Counting, and Wordles. As teams competed, they earned bicycle parts. Once we moved on to the assembly part of our workshop, everyone’s reaction and responses intensified. People took helping local kids very seriously!

A Bike-A-Thon™ to Remember

More than just fun and games, though, this charity team building activity is specially designed to elicit key interpersonal skills. Our facilitator guides teams step-by-step through several get-to-know you games. Participants then receive challenges that give them a chance to practice good communication, plus the ability to resolve conflict, delegate, and manage unexpected obstacles. Each workshop is customized for the client, and the company’s needs for their staff. Because the HP team was so large, the company organizer hoped that everyone could practice the skills needed to work together more closely and with less conflict.

Spreading Holiday Cheer to Boys & Girls Club, Plano

Each time completed its bicycle right on time. Debra Sweezer of the Boys & Girls Club, Plano, TX, arrived at the end of the program to accept the HP donation. She was thrilled. She shared with us a few stories about the care kids receive through this program, and how much new bicycles will help these children gain confidence and improve their physical activity levels.

The debriefing session was naturally short because we had only a short time left in our ballroom reservation. Everyone had nothing but nice things to say about the program. People enjoyed learning something about themselves, and were highly motivated by the chance to help others.