How to Enable the Disabled

This year marks a milestone for disabled Americans and you can help them celebrate! But the question is how? How to enable the disabled, celebrate this historical moment, and strengthen the bonds among your team at the same time? Answer: Magnovo’s virtual charitable team building workshop called Wheelcharity

Americans With Disabilities Act

Thirty years ago, American took a stand for those who cannot stand, or walk, or function on their own. Thanks to passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act in 1990, no child can legally be denied an education because of a disability. Schools, workplaces, and other public venues have been modified or completely redesigned to accommodate the blind, the hearing-impaired, people who can’t walk, and others.

Suffering outside and inside

Today some 40 million Americans or 12 percent  of the civilian non-institutionalized population deal with some form of disability. Senior citizens are the largest segment of this group.

In addition to suffering physically, millions among the disabled also suffer emotionally. That’s because the lifestyle of a person with disabilities is almost completely defined and confined by what they can’t do—or what people think they can’t do.

Despite efforts to enlighten and educate the public, there’s still the social stigma, stereotyping, and other forms of discrimination. 

What being disabled in  American means 

  • Limited job training and employment opportunities;
  • Limited participation in extracurricular activities from sports to movies and dining out to other social outings [even before COVID-19 struck];
  • Lower voter turnout [this means that as many as 2 million votes may not be cast during the next election]; and
  • No accessibility at all to thousands of buildings that have not been retrofitted for the disabled.

How to enable the disabled: reach out

What’s different about the disabled is not as important as what they have in common with all Americans. And there’s no better way to demonstrate that than to reach out and share our common humanity in a tangible way.

For example, there are currently 4.7 million disabled American veterans. Thousands of these patriots are housebound because they don’t have wheelchairs. Just think: two simple wheels could transform their lives emotionally, economically, and physically. 

How to enable the disabled: charitable giving

Now look closely and you’ll see your staff in the picture: donating wheelchairs to disabled vets in your community. How? Magnovo’s Wheelcharity team building event is among our most popular precisely because of how much we all value the recipients of these donations!

In the comfort of your own remote office-nooks you can still bond as one harmonious team by focusing your energy and efforts on some truly deserving folks in your own hometown. Leave the procurement and delivery of your gifts to us and just savor the knowledge that you and your company are catalysts for change in your neighbors’ lives.

Now picture them rolling into their favorite grocery store. Cruising around the park. Voting in the upcoming election. Confidently applying for a new job and speeding around the office. Meeting and greeting old friends from a safe distance in their brand new chariot-of-kindness!  Enablement means empowerment.

We salute you for enabling them!