How To Build Trust in a Leadership Team

During crises like the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of businesses are struggling to stay afloat and find answers to how to build trust in a leadership team. One ideal way is to spring into action and help someone in your community. 

The impact of the pandemic on animals could be almost as devastating to animals as to humans. Before the coronavirus struck, as many as 7.5 million animals wound up in shelters each year. That staggering number is expected to skyrocket unless homes can be found for these innocent, homeless animals.

Why pets end up in shelters

Most pet parents don’t stop loving their pets. The problem is that sometimes life itself can get in the way: a new job in a new town; a new baby; or adapting to a new lifestyle as a widower or divorcee. Each of these milestones—good and bad—can be so overwhelming that there’s no room for a pet in the home or the daily routine of the pet owner.

How to build trust in a leadership team—be a hero!

These and other circumstances compel millions of pet owners to surrender their fur-babies to local shelters. The current pandemic is forcing thousands of animal shelters to close their doors. This means they’re all scrambling to find foster parents or forever homes for their animals. 

Many shelter managers are even waiving medical and adoption fees to assure the animals are safe and sound before they close their doors. And because there is no medical evidence that domestic animals can transmit the COVID19 virus, it is deemed safe for these animals to be adopted.

Many shelter animals are already house-trained, socialized, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered. Most wound up in the shelter through no fault of their own. They just need a chance to be safe and loved.

Coming to the rescue of helpless shelter animals in your community may be a golden opportunity for you to be the hero in a neighbor’s time of need. And you can do it safely without putting your staff in harm’s way.

How to build trust in a leadership team—charity!

Charitable workshop events are the best team bonding exercises because bonding exercises build relationships and trust is based on relationships. 

For many animal lovers, pet ownership is a dream they can’t afford to make come true right now. The costs for medical care, food, and basic upkeep are beyond the limits of many family budgets. Participants in our Happy Tails Charity Team Building Workshop provide the financial relief many families need to “unleash” their pet-passions and make that commitment.

Workshop team members collect and donate leashes, food and water bowls, scratching posts, beds, blankets, pillows, flea collars, chew toys, stuffed animals, and other essentials to prospective dog and cat parents.

The process of assembling these petcare kits as a team will hone your staff’s communication and collaborative skills. And this is exactly the kind of  bonding exercise that can strengthen their “heart muscles.” Partnering with a local animal shelter can bolster your sense of civic and corporate social responsibility. Go online and reach out to a shelter in your community that is desperate to place their animals in safe, loving homes.

April 30 is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. Plan now to help some pets find homes. Your acts of kindness during our  Happy Tails Charity Team Building Workshop will transform your staff and strengthen the bonds among your team members like you would never imagine! You’ll have many happy tales to tell.