How (and Why) You Should Celebrate Administrative Professional’s Day

Did you know that April 25th is National Administrative Professionals Day?

No, you likely won’t find it on any calendar. There won’t be any parades or festivals commemorating the occasion. But that doesn’t mean you should let this special day pass by uncelebrated.

pexels photo 901424Think about all the administrative professionals in your organization. Would your business be able to survive without them?

I’ve asked myself the same questions, and the answer is a resounding No! My admin team is the backbone of my business. They’re my frontline of customer service and my behind-the-scenes hands that ensure clients are taken care of, papers are processed, and most importantly, that my business makes money!

They’re the silent workplace heroes in many organizations, but on March 25th their feats should be heard loud and clear.

Here are my top picks for celebrating Administrative Professionals Day that will add impact to their roles and your organization as a whole:

#1 – Invest in Their Professional Careers

No one wants to feel like a cog in a machine, yet administrative professionals are among those who are most likely to feel this way. Their tasks are often routine and repetitive. The extent of their required skills are usually computer-driven or dedicated to detail and organization.

At times, they may feel as though they’ve reached their potential and have nothing else to look forward to.

You can change this by investing in their professionalism. Consider hosting a workshop to help them hone their skills or learn something new.

If you’re not sure where to start, ask them what they’re interested in learning. What knowledge or skills would help them do their jobs better? What are they passionate about?

Gaining their insight is a great way to find out what they may feel they’re lacking in order to do a job well done.

#2 – Host a Team Building Activity

Too often administrative professionals exist in their own separate silos and rarely interact with others in your organization. Including them in a team building activity serves a few purposes:

First, it breaks them out of their silo so they can learn how their role fits into other areas of your organization.

Second, it allows them to build trust and communication skills with leaders, team members, and other admins. They can learn from each other, gain new perspectives, share information, and create a better sense of community outside of their single silos.

And finally, you foster a team atmosphere that reminds your admins they’re working toward the same goal, regardless of their daily duties.

We offer tons of team building ideas to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day, from charity workshops to sessions that focus on professional development and more.

#3 – Offer the Leader’s Ear

There’s no better way to show your appreciation than by giving them the ear of your company’s leaders. Include your leadership in your celebratory activities to provide mentorship and allow each admin to share their thoughts and insight on their roles. Both sides stand to gain something.

Recognizing Your Administrative Team Benefits Your Entire Company

Letting your admin team know how much you appreciate them will show positive results in other areas of your company. Every moving part of your company depends on strong admin professionals to work behind the scenes and on your frontlines to keep business moving. A little motivation in the form of appreciation can do wonders for their morale and dedication.

Reach out today to learn how you can stage an epic appreciation event that inspires.