Honing Your Presentation Skills and Techniques

Whether you are presenting in-house to your peers, or outside of your office to clients and potential clients, your presentation skills and techniques are a key to your success. To ensure your presentation is as powerful as it can be, use a checklist to prepare.


Honing Your Presentation Skills and TechniquesOne of the most important aspects of any presentation is that you grab the audience’s attention and then maintain it. You can do this by making sure that your defining points are clear and fall in a logical sequence. Your primary points should flow seamlessly from one to the next to ensure that your audience can follow you and absorb the information. Also, remember that a strong ending in a presentation is just as important as a strong conclusion. Make sure that your closing is clear and concise and that it ties in with your introduction.

Visual Aids

Oftentimes, the use of visual aids can strengthen your defining points. When focusing on your presentation and training skills, spend time reviewing your visual aids to assess if they are as easy to read and understand as possible. The aids should always be tied to the points you are trying to communicate to your audience. Do not overlook logistics. Make sure that any visual aids that you use can be easily seen from all areas in which the audience is seated.


The delivery of your presentation is equally important as the content. Make sure that you are confident regarding the knowledge that you are presenting. You can do this in a variety of ways. Have your notes in order to avoid any confusion and to more clearly disseminate your information. Another key element is that you know the logistics of where you will be presenting. Is it an indoor or outdoor presentation? Will your listeners be sitting or standing? Knowing these details and properly setting up the presentation location will help you to ensure the success of your presentation. Be sure that your visual aids are working and that you know how to properly use them.


Another important factor to consider when concentrating on your presentation skills and techniques is how you appear before your audience. Be sure to dress and groom in a way that will meet the audience’s expectations. Also, practice your speech while standing and pay close attention to your body language and your posture. Remember, the audience’s eyes and ears will be trained on you.