Holiday Team Building – The Gift that Keeps on Giving

If you’ve been tossing around gift ideas for your employees, things like gift cards, mugs, or candy may come to mind. But these things don’t last forever. If you want to make a memorable impact your employees will appreciate, a holiday team building event is the gift that keeps on giving – to both your employees and your company.

The Importance of Holiday Team Building Events

holiday team building events

The holidays are a busy time of year for most businesses. If you’re in the retail or food industries, customer orders and requests may be at the highest you’ve seen all year. If you’re a corporate office or manufacturing facility, you might notice an increase in time off requests and general absenteeism. You might think you don’t have enough time on the calendar or that your team is too focused on the upcoming holidays to engage in a team building session.

Regardless of where you work, these holiday-related obstacles are what make holiday team building so essential. It’s a chance for your team to regroup and revisit the year’s successes. Most importantly, it’s a way to say thank you for their hard work during the year and show that you’re as invested in their success as they are.

With holiday meals, family time, and Christmas presents weighing on everyone’s minds, work must go on somehow. Hosting a team building event can give them a chance to focus on holiday fun while integrating work objectives. They’ll be having too much fun to realize they’re actually learning while they’re enjoying themselves. In the end, everyone wins!

Team Building for a Good Cause

The holidays are a special time of year for most people. But to those less fortunate, it’s a loss of hope, especially when impoverished families are unable to fulfill their children’s holiday wish list. Data shows that over a fifth of children in the U.S. live in households that are at or below the poverty threshold, which means more than 15 million kids may not see a Christmas gift this year.

One of the best parts about a year-end team training event is the flexibility to build your activities around charity involvement. We help dozens of companies each year combine team training with local charity work to help you meet your organization’s needs while also meeting the needs of others.

Our charity workshops include tasks such as building bicycles, wagons, and stuffed animals, donations to a local food bank,  providing school supplies, and other activities.

Not only does your team get to participate in the activity, they may also get to see the fruits of their labors received by their selected charity and its beneficiaries. It’s the perfect way for them to feel inspired about their mission and see the real results of their efforts for the community, which can go a long way in building your internal community, too.

Prepare Your Team for the New Year

The end of the year is quickly approaching, but it’s not too late to plan your  team celebration. Remember, a year-end team building event may only last for a few hours, but the resulting benefits will carry you far into the new year. Contact us today to start preparing your team for a prosperous future.