Holiday Team Building Events Turn Holiday Parties into Something Memorable

Holiday team building events that give back to your local community can help shift the ho-hum holiday party into ho-ho-ho holiday team building events your team will remember. A fun team building event with a philanthropic element is not only good for the community, it helps employees feel good about where they work. In a recent study researchers found that those companies who cut down on the party, and boost the giving to their community bring co-workers together and help make work a happier place.

Holiday Team Building Events Turn Holiday Parties into Something MemorableResearchers have also found that if employees interact with the charity during holiday team building events, the memory is etched in the pleasure center of the brain. These findings suggest that putting the social in pro-social is one way to transform good deeds into good feelings. And that lasts a lot longer than an elaborate dinner.Ask your team members what was on the menu at last year’s holiday party and they will likely struggle to recall. If you offered a team building event as part of your holiday party last year and you ask them to recall something about the activity – you are sure to get specific details, even down to the emotion of the event.Break out of the rut! This holiday season have some fun with your team and make someone else’s life better. Many schools do not have some of the essentials that will take kids into the future. Emergency personnel who respond to distressed situations can always use a soothing stuffed animal to hand out to children. Food banks are stressed for resources all year long, but especially in the winter and at the holidays. Your team can change that, and create a memorable event at the same time.

The biggest bonus is learning and interacting with co-workers while doing something that will bring good things to your community.

Most major corporations have made giving back to their community a keystone of their corporate social responsibility. If you want to give your team something that brings them together, helps them interact, and provides a feel-good memory you might consider holiday team building events that give to your community…and your team.

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