To Help Local Kids, Freddie Mac Builds Backpacks for School

Freddie Mac is in the business of helping America’s families. On a summer’s day this past August, they helped families in a brand new way: with a Magnovo workshop!

Our Mission: Kids Care charity team building workshop offers companies a chance to make a direct and immediate impact on the community that surrounds them. In Fairfax, VA recently, we helped Freddie Mac give back to kids in Fairfax.

Freddie Mac Reaches Out to Local Kids

During the back-to-school season this past August, we headed over to Freddie Mac’s offices in Fairfax for the charity workshop they’d selected. The group worked hard to band together as a team and assemble kids’ backpacks full of school supplies for the year ahead.

Freddie Mac

Through a combination of collaborative exercises that strengthened teamwork skills, plus a powerful sense of doing good things together for a common cause, the Freddie Mac group was able to create a large impact on their community.

Namely, they filled 25 backpacks with all the necessary school supplies kids would need for success in the new school year.

Helping Families With the Cost of School

Going back to school means extra expenses since kids these days are expected to arrive with a backpack full of supplies. Some families find this added expense to be financially difficult, so our purposely-designed charity workshop was created to help them out.

And Freddie Mac certainly knows about families who need help with some of life’s most important expenses! It was a company-charity match made in heaven.

The charitable organization Freddie Mac chose to work with was called “Fairfax For Families“. They would work with us to ensure families with kids were matched up with the donated backpacks offered by the Freddie Mac group in our workshop that day.

Freddie Mac, Back for More

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Freddie Mac groups in the past, and it’s always a treat to see great teamwork in action. They proved once again that collaboration is a means to all great things!

They were able to complete 25 backpacks in all, for which the families were grateful. It helps them see their kids off to school for the new year more prepared. And as all great companies know, preparation is one of the main keys to success!

Mission: Kids Care was created to help kids go back to school, but you can schedule your own version any time of year. Kids need backpacks any time of year, and the packs can be filled with any appropriate helpful items.