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Help Employees Look Forward to Team Building Training

I have been developing and conducting Team Building Training Workshops for many years and for large companies and small groups. I can’t tell you how many times I hear the groans and grumbling right before the event. People walk in the room and ask if they are going to be required to participate in the event. People are rarely excited about team building activities.

Most people think about team building training the same way that they think about Change, with a rolling of the eyes and a “do we have to” attitude. It’s usually not until they see that it can be fun and get curious about creating a positive effect on themselves and the group that they give into the idea. When people share with me that they are totally against change, I ask them, “If I gave you $100,000, would that change their lives?” They of course say “Yes”. Then I say, “See, change isn’t always bad”.
Help Employees Look Forward to Team Building TrainingNeither is Team Building Training. It can help a department or company to be much more profitable if they work together as fully functioning team.The key is that people have to consider team building training activities and change as “Positive”. That’s the key! If they feel that it is good for them, then they will have a much more accepting attitude. The great thing is that it doesn’t have to have a long list of criteria to meet their goals of being positive. I believe that there are only a few keys for people to look forward and have fun with team building training activities.

Team building training has to make the team member feel better about themselves and the others on their team. This can be accomplished by activities that are centered on developing them as individuals and also develop their teams to a higher skill level of communication. This is why it’s so important to engage in team building activities and not just games.Games can be fun, but they do nothing towards the goal of developing the team’s ability to communicate better and work better together. Activities like bowling and go-carting are enjoyable and can even help the team to have more camaraderie among them. But, it doesn’t do anything to develop skills. Which is why it is easily forgotten and has a low return on investment?

Team building training that people look forward to also needs to have an element of Giving Back!!

Philanthropy is the key!! If they feel like they are making a positive significant change for other people, they are very likely to be excited about engaging in the activity and usually give it their full cooperation during the activity. Most people like to be part of a higher purpose. Giving to an underprivileged group or person brings a team together in many exciting ways.

So, next time you decide to develop your team, check out team building training activities that give back. There is no greater impact both personally and professionally! Become the team who works together to accomplish a common goal of making a significant positive change for the less fortunate.

ALL of Magnovo building training events give back to local communities! That’s right — Magnovo Training Group believes that ‘significant positive change’ is realized when teams contribute to local area charities. So all of our events are philanthropic!!