Great Team Building Ideas Create Holiday Cheer

Great team building ideas can provide an outlet for creative tension among your most challenging, attention-craving but enterprising employees.

Great Team Building Ideas Create Holiday Cheer

You know, the ones: they’ve as full of energy and brilliant ideas as they are of themselves. On the DiSC® wheel of personality types, they’re capital-D dominants!

But where would we be without these uber geniuses and their uber-egos? And have you noticed that they seem to arrive younger and smarter every year? As a leader, you’re challenged to find ways to channel all this youthful exuberance. The goal is to optimize the benefits of having them on your payroll without drowning out the enthusiasm [and wearing down the patience] of your more down-to-earth worker bees.

Great team building ideas such as charitable team building workshops can fan the flames of imagination and creativity while simultaneously tamping down the flames of contention among coworkers with incompatible temperaments. When colleagues pull together in the spirit of generosity, everybody’s professional turf gets validated, but at the same the playing field is leveled so that their emotional turf isn’t threatened.

For example, at one of our Mission: Military Care team building workshops, your staff will progress through a series of activities that will engender in them the same virtues attributed to our military personnel serving overseas: selflessness and a single-minded focus on working together.

There are nearly 150,000 men and women–fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, sons, and daughters–serving, sacrificing, and saving lives in 150 countries around the globe. They represent the highest ideals of loyalty, honor, and bravery. And they deserve our support and gratitude.

Great team building ideas–the greatest ones–build strong relationships among team members when the ideas are more altruistic than opportunistic. Even the most  modest charitable sentiments can rein in big egos and make it possible for the most ebullient and innovative employees to work harmoniously with their less effusive coworkers. And invariably something magic happens: they get to know and even like each other!

With something akin to military precision, you and your team will navigate through a number of obstacles with one mission in mind: to “earn” donations that will be shipped overseas to a lot of homesick soldiers.

Blankets, scarves, gloves, and socks. Toiletries–from sunscreen to toothpaste. Books, magazines, and other reading materials. Cookies, candy, chips, and other nonperishable items. You’ll collect a cornucopia of creature comforts to donate. With tender care, these packages will be distributed via our partnerships with Wounded Warriors, Operation Homefront, Operation Gratitude, Operation Shoebox or other organizations who dedicated to supporting our armed forces.