A Great Company Got Even Better At the Clif Bar Bike-a-Thon in Indianapolis, IN

This was a Bike-A-Thon Charity Workshop for nine new managers for the Clif Bar company. It was a combination that turned out to be a perfect match, with all nine managers taking the important next step in their teamwork evolution. This was exactly in keeping with what Clif Bar wanted us to accomplish. This is always our explicit goal and we were happy to have achieved it. Whether it’s a charity workshop or a team development event, everything Magnovo does for its clients is focused on a company’s exact needs and designed to be goal-oriented.

Our Bike-A-Thon Took Clif Bar Back to its Roots

Clif BarIn addition to telling us precisely what they wanted us to accomplish, Clif Bar also knew the exact workshop they wanted us to stage. You see, the concept of Clif Bar was actually born when the founder came up with it while riding a bike on a long and grueling trek. It was then that he recognized the need for quick energy on the run and the great Clif Bar product began to take shape in his mind.

So a Bike-A-Thon was right the in the Clif Bar wheelhouse. Instead of doing it a hotel, we staged the Bike-A-Thon right in the Clif Bar facility on Indianapolis’s West Side, where about 90% percent of their products are actually produced. There was a group of 9 new management staff in attendance, many of whom were new to one another and the facility.

In a mere matter of about three hours, our facilitators witnessed an amazing transformation. Although the new managers came in ready to learn, they left with a profound understanding of what teamwork could continue to do for them and their company long after we left the facility.

Clif Bar and The Wheeler-Dowe Boys and Girls Club Joined to Make a Great Team

Clif Bar had decided to donate the bicycles they assembled to the Wheeler-Dowe Boys and Girls Club right here in Indianapolis. Just like everything else connected to this great workshop, this choice turned out to be a slam dunk.

Not only did it provide extra incentive for the Clif Bar team, it also provided bicycles for one the finest charitable organizations in the entire community. As a result, everyone left the event feeling happy and satisfied. And as we’ve learned from experience, the magic doesn’t stop there. It grows more and more as time goes by, both in the company and the greater community.