Being a Good Corporate Neighbor: What’s In It for You?

Being a Good Corporate Neighbor: What’s In It for You?

As a business, you know the importance of investing resources to hire the right people, provide ongoing training, upgrade technology, and continually market your business. Each of these things furthers your mission as a company to help you grow and prosper. But did you know that reinvesting in your local community can also make a positive impact on your company’s mission?

You might not be able to pinpoint a specific ROI, but the benefits of being a good corporate neighbor are hard to ignore:

Your Company Gets a Popularity Boost

Doing something beneficial for your local community doesn’t go unnoticed. Donating items to charity, volunteering at a non-profit organization, or contributing funds to a school or group can go a long way in earning positive recognition.

In a world where negative publicity spreads as fast as someone can click the Share button, it’s important to maintain the right image for both your employees and local citizens. Proving you’re not just a business but also a community player helps to humanize your corporate aura.

You Become a Place Where People Want to Work

Corporate values aren’t just important to your C-team. Your employees care about what your company stands for. They want to be a part of a company that is invested in their personal success as much as your own.

A PwC study shows that employees who are committed to their companies put in 57% more effort and were 87% less likely to resign. When your team can feel good about the work they are doing, they may feel more inclined to do a better job.

You Earn Support from Your Community

Look around your own community and you’ll likely find a few names constantly surfacing in headlines, sponsorships, and other publicity because of their community involvement.

Aside from the exposure, these opportunities also strengthen your roots in the area as a reputable employer who also cares about the surrounding area.

Your community citizens and local government play a role in your success. When you can earn their trust and acceptance, they’ll be more than willing to lend their support.

How to Become a Good Corporate Neighbor

Investing in your community can help you become the good corporate neighbor you strive to be. Our charity team building events allow you to partner with a local organization to benefit from your team’s contributions, all while helping your employees build valuable workplace skills.

Talk to us today, and together we can make your company a better place by building a better community.

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