Getting to Know You With DiSC

Social distancing versus team building. How can CEOs make this work? Personality profile training! Yup, getting to know you with DiSC makes it a breeze.

Getting to know who?

Getting to know you

Getting to know all about you

Getting to like you

Getting to hope you like me

These famous lyrics are from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical “The King and I.” Nearly 70 years later, they speak volumes about life in corporate America today. That’s because so many of us are working remotely that getting to know each other is more of a challenge than ever.

Does this sound familiar?

The online meeting ended 5 minutes ago, but you’re still staring at your computer screen, your mouth agape. “What is WRONG with this guy?” That’s the question you and a number of your colleagues are stuck on. “This guy” is brilliant at brainstorming and is full of phenomenal ideas! But he’s also full of himself! 

Getting total buy-in to his ideas is rarely a problem. They’re usually thoroughly researched and applicable. What’s more, they get results! But even upper management finds his personality hard to swallow.

For instance, during brainstorming sessions, he’s the star of the show because nobody else can get a word in edgewise! Nobody else’s brain matters to him. So the quiet after his brainstorm is actually a silence full of vexation and irritation from his teammates. Thank goodness he can’t hear what they’re thinking!

Getting to know you with DiSC

But maybe he should hear their thoughts. In fact, maybe everybody should, but how? Human emotions are fragile. Like any delicate procedure, exploring the human personality requires deft handling, skill, precision, and a strong sense of security. 

Magnovo’s DiSC personality profile training is the safest and most productive setting in which your team can search for answers to each other’s idiosyncrasies without violating  or damaging each other’s hearts.

DiSC stands for Dominant, Influential, Supportive or Steadfast, and Conscientious. These 4 fundamental personality types are what we’re all made of emotionally and psychologically.

Getting to know all about you

So “this guy” whom everyone applauds for his ingenuity and scorns for his arrogance, might be your textbook Dominant. He eats and and sleeps for the thrill of competition and winning is his only motivation. He savors challenges and his enthusiasm can be infectious, which is why buying into his ideas is usually not that difficult.

Getting to like you

What is difficult, though, is tolerating his impatience with those who don’t think or act as quickly as he does. Interestingly, what others may see as arrogance may actually be an emotional mask.  More often than not, every hero has a chink in their armor. DiSC can help you understand what’s lurking behind that armor.

For instance: Dominant personalities hate being wrong! It makes them feel weak, out of control. For  “this guy,” the D stands for ‘defensive’ as well as Dominant. Could it be that Mister-Know-It-All is feeling vulnerable? Once you understand that these personality types don’t mean to do harm, it may become easier not to feel so deeply wounded.

Getting to hope you like me

Now if you are “this guy,” DiSC can make you more aware of your behavior and how it impacts others—for good or ill. Don’t be defensive! No one is suggesting that you need a complete makeover!  You can still be you! The goal is to make you a more valued member of the team instead of flying solo. How about opening your mind to some interpersonal skills training? The DiSC learning curve is not steep and the sessions are painless and easy.   

Getting to know you

Getting to feel free and easy

When I am with you

Getting to know what to say

Getting to know DiSC

Feeling free and easy and knowing what to say, how to say it, and to whom. That’s what DiSC can do for you. Mastering the insights and communications skills Magnovo’s training provides will make all the difference to your corporate culture. And it will restore the joy and delight of both the song lyrics and their sentiments to your team.