Fun Team Building Outings Can Make Outrageous Adventures

No doubt the best thing about fun team building outings is the “outings” part. Out of the office…out in the fresh air….out of the pressure cooker that is Corporate America.

Our Amazing Scavenger Race Team Building event is the ultimate in outrageously adventurous outings! It’s the perfect way to release pent up energy, emotions, and creativity. And among coworkers who are usually wary of each other, it doesn’t just break the ice, it evaporates it! In the heat of battle against the “friendly fire” of team competition, the only thing you’ll lose is your inhibitions and preconceived notions about people with whom you’ve worked, but never really understood.

fun team building outingsThe most effective and fun team building outings are often deceptive.There’s definitely a method in all the madness and mayhem of our Amazing Scavenger Race. What may seem casual, carefree, and even random is actually carefully and strategically choreographed by our facilitators to maximize collaboration, communication, and team bonding. The goal: you learn to work well together outside, so that you’re an even better team when you go back inside.

During fun team building outings like our Amazing Scavenger Race the world is your oyster and every minute delivers a pearl—a pearl of great wisdom and revelation about the personality and character of each of  your colleagues. At every turn during your treasure hunt, you’ll unearth surprising insights into their gifts, talents, hopes, and dreams.

With spirits up and guards down, your greatest discoveries will be the hearts of your fellow staff members. Whether a colleague is above or below you on the pecking order at work, they’ll become an open book; and so will you. At the end of the day you will have created a treasure trove of happy memories you’ll never forget. Of course, that’s because there will also be a photo gallery of your best, brightest, goofiest, and zaniest moments.

From start to finish, we customize the whole event to suit you and your town. Every clue, leading to every site, is designed to fit you, your corporate culture, and your home base to a tee. In addition to ratcheting up the fun factor, the workshop is tailored to suit your professional needs and bolster your strengths. It will also help to identify and shore up any weaknesses among your group. It’s the one race in which everyone makes it to the finish line as a winner! On your mark! Get set! Go!