A Fun Take on Team Building With Hospital Corporation of America

With pre-determined teamwork goals in mind, HCA really just wants to have fun with their workshop. 

Team building always comes first around here. But when teams approach us and say they just want to have fun- we oblige, naturally! When the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) booked a charity team building workshop with us in Nashville it was time to roll out the fun barrel (but never to forget team building altogether!).

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The Power of Play

First and always, we are a team building company. However, that doesn’t preclude harnessing the power of play when it serves our goals. Games, when constructed and carried out in the right way, can greatly increase the likelihood that participants actually try new things and grow.

And in the case of the HCA group, that’s precisely what took place. We opened up with some short, simple activities designed to warm up the room. They also served to gather the energies in the room for the collaborative festivities that would come later.

HCA Team Members Were Thoroughly Engaged

As with so many things in life, the key to making positive change is getting everyone involved. They’re motivated to care about results, and they see that everyone has to join in to make a difference.

There’s a word that captures all that goodness, and it’s “engagement”. When folks are engaged, three things happen. Their brains are activated, their hearts are in whatever they’re doing, and creativity as well as productivity suddenly blossom forth with renewed energy.

That’s a lot to happen in just one li’l ol’ charity workshop!

Through ice breakers, hands-on activities, and collaborative exercises that get the whole team involved in creating charity donations, we can proudly report that 100% engagement was achieved with the HCA group. Hats off to a great team where everyone put their all into everything they did for this workshop!

It Was All for the Boys and Girls Club of Cool Springs

The charity benefactor for the HCA group’s donations was the Boys and Girls Club of Cool Springs. They were so appreciative, and even arrived on time with kids in tow. Their leader, Keyosha, was fabulous, and gave the group a wonderful speech about her organization and how the HCA donations would help kids.

Even the location proved to be wonderful: the Marriott Cool Springs, where everything was ready for us with no technical or organizational problems at all. Thanks everyone for a great charity workshop with the Hospital Corporation of America!