Holiday Cheer And Fun Activities For Team Building

The best fun activities for team building  are always purposeful, engaging, and inclusive! They’re impassioned, inspiring, and sprinkled liberally with whimsy. And there’s no better season for this winning combination than the holidays.

Holiday Team Building In the News

Your average holiday office party is usually more of a “Ho-ho-ho-hum” affair than an exciting one to which the whole staff looks forward. The best way to take the humbug out of your holiday party planning is to infuse it with meaning and purpose. That’s what charitable team building workshops were designed for! They’re the absolute ultimate fun activities for team building!

Holiday shoppers will generate as much as three trillion dollars for the retail industry. Yes, that’s trillion-with-a-T! And that translates to approximately 800 bucks we’ll each fork over in exchange for a barrage of hugs, kisses, and squeals of delight from our children and other loved ones.

For some of us this guestimated 800 dollars per head doesn’t come close to what we’ll really spend–and that’s not including travel, home entertainment, mistletoe, and other miscellaneous  expenses. Sadly though, for millions of families across the country, holiday gift-giving is not financially realistic.

What some individuals spend on gym memberships, mocha lattes, and video games every year is more than millions of entire families have to live on. Less than four percent of incomes are earned by the poorest 20 percent of Americans. While the richest 20 percent receive more than 50 percent of the earned income in our country.

As the gap between the haves and the have nots widens, the need for compassionate donations increases exponentially.  Pointing fingers and placing blame are a waste of time and energy. Pointing out opportunities to help and placing yourself in a position to provide some of that help is beneficial to both giver and receiver.

Holiday team building are fun activities your team can do during the holiday season. And they’re golden opportunities to help bridge the chasm between the rich and the poor by donating time, energy, ideas, and compassion when they’re needed most.

During our Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop you and your team will spend a few well-deserved hours outside the walls of the corporate boardroom with one goal in mind: making a needy child’s heart smile! Assembling a cuddly, huggable toy animal, and stuffing it into a brightly colored backpack–now that’s the kind of collaboration you can actually enjoy.

Area shelters and social service organizations will be only too happy to help you find a forever home for this bundle of joy.