Foundations Recovery Network Enjoys Corporate Team Synergy in Nashville

Foundations Recovery Network Enjoys Corporate Team Synergy in Nashville

Summer in Music City is beautiful, and this year Nashville did not disappoint. When we were first contacted by Foundations Recovery Network and they listed all the things they’ve done, we weren’t sure what was left in the realm of corporate team building that they hadn’t already experienced! Luckily, our professional design team was able to dig deep during the needs assessment process and customize a program that fit the unique needs of this senior management team.

Foundations Recovery Network Enjoys Corporate Team Synergy in NashvilleThis team of 12 people was looking for a combination of corporate team building activities and discussion for their meeting at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel. They’ve done many team building activities, competitive and recreational team building, high ropes courses, equine therapy, and a number of other experiential activities. Additionally they’ve all read and worked through Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team and The Advantage. Not only are they a well-read and high functioning team, many of the team members also have backgrounds as therapists or facilitators themselves. This is a group that is not afraid of taking a look inward and dealing with confrontations as needed.

A cookie-cutter off-the-shelf workshop would definitely not service this client, and this is where the talent of our highly experienced and professional facilitators shines through. With a deep toolbox of models and activities, they are able to tailor experiences that address what our clients are looking for and deliver a facilitated, deeper team building workshop. It’s not about the sizzle of the corporate team building activities themselves as much as it is a careful balance between the activity and the discussion and processing that follows. It’s a balance because facilitators without experience may open the top on a can of worms that they can’t get the lid back on inside a half day or full day team building workshop.

Our Corporate Team Synergy workshop turned out to be the just right fit for this experienced team. With the flexibility to customize and blend experiential activities with classroom style training, we were able to surface insights and call the team’s attention to certain issues. Because of this they were able to frankly discuss situations and they became more clear on what they needed to do in their subsequent meetings over the next day.

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