Fluke Corporation Shows How It’s Done With Extraordinary Teamwork Skills

This summer, in beautiful Everett, WA, we had the pleasure to meet with Fluke Corporation for a bicycle charity workshop. 

Fluke Corporation Folks Show Extra Initiative in Teamwork

By all accounts, this workshop went really well. We even had one surprise event that nobody was prepared for. As it turned out, it became yet another way for the folks at Fluke Corporation to demonstrate their unique and powerful version of teamwork.

Here’s what happened: at the end of the workshop, the kids came in and we realized that the charity brought one extra boy. Well, the great folks at Fluke went out and bought another bike so that boy would have one too. Very fast thinking.

That’s teamwork in action!

Fluke Corporation

The Surprises Weren’t Over Yet

Just when you think you’ve seen it all. The wildest thing happened at the end of the event: the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building. We had to wait outside for over an hour before we were able to go back in. But, it didn’t do a thing to dampen the spirits of all the participants. Again, that’s great teamwork and goes to show that strong team bonds won’t let anything stand in a group’s way.

Bicycles Were Donated to the Mukilteo Boys & Girls Club

We mentioned the charity earlier, but we didn’t say who they were. Bicycles assembled by the Fluke Corporation participants were donated to the Mukilteo Boys & Girls Club.

By the way, it’s not uncommon for us to partner with Boys and Girls clubs across the country when we conduct bicycle building workshops. The organization does a great job of matching kids with the bikes our clients assemble and donate. What’s more, they always make it a point to attend our workshops, for which we’re grateful.

The best part about their attendance at the closing/donation ceremony is that they bring the kids with them. This provides an opportunity for everyone to get to know one another and makes for stronger community bonds, too. Plus, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing a kid who’s about to get a present!

Thanks to the Mukilteo Boys & Girls Club, the group from Fluke Corporation, and everyone else behind the scenes who helped make this bicycle building workshop a great success. We hope to come back to Everett someday for another round of team building, making friends, and joining people from around the community to make the world a little better.