FedEx Engineers Some Wheelchairs for Charity

FedEx Engineers Some Wheelchairs for Charity

Sometimes our customers choose workshops that seem custom-made for them. In the case of some FedEx engineers and equipment specialists, Wheelcharity™ definitely qualified!

Team FedEx Has Two Goals

FedExAs is often the case in our charity workshops, one of the goals this time was to help participants get to know one another. This group was mostly engineers, from logistics departments and the equipment and technology division from across US.

They also wanted to have fun, but since that’s built into the fabric of all our charity workshops, that was already covered!

With ice breakers like “Lost at Sea”, we were able to get everyone warmed up and ready to work together. Of course ice breakers always help teams get to know each other, so there was one goal. All the ice breakers were fun since they’re designed that way so there were both goals, right then and there.

But the FedEx engineers still had work to do!

Donations Went to Two Different Charities

Building wheelchairs was the highlight of the event. This group had had bad experiences with team building programs in the past. Therefore, they were very apprehensive. But after the ice breakers and the interactive exercises we had them performing, all their fears were taken away.

Groups focused on building their wheelchairs, which helped them get into the collaborative spirit. As engineers and equipment specialists, they really excelled with this version of teamwork.

Then it was time to run the obstacle course and they finished off with the wheelchair decorating. Everyone did great work and the chairs went to an assisted living facility and an organization that benefited people with MS.

A Word About the Double Tree

We don’t usually mention much about location unless it’s extraordinary in some way (like the time we hosted a workshop in a museum!). But every once in a while, a hotel goes above and beyond expectations and this was one of those occasions.

The FedEx charity workshop was held at the DoubleTree at Green Tree in Pittsburgh, PA. This was a Wheelcharity™ workshop, so there’s always logistics involved with the company who supplies us with the wheelchair parts.

As it turned out, there was a problem with one of the wheelchairs. The problem? It wasn’t shipped! Staff at the DoubleTree was able to research and find problem so our workshop could go off without a hitch. Thanks DoubleTree!

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