Employee Engagement and Charity

Corporate America is rapidly being transformed by new rules of employee engagement and charity is the key. Benevolent leadership is the new  gold standard and the ROI is astonishing.

Even before COVID-19, American companies—both large and small—recognized the benefits of corporate social responsibility and adjusted their business policies accordingly.

 Wringing out the old

The head honcho. The big cheese. The kingpin.The traditional corporate hierarchy enforced a level of rulership that bordered on despotism. The company owner also owned the employees, who owed their allegiance to the boss. If this sounds like a gross exaggeration, just ask your parents or grandparents. 

Workers enjoyed job security as long as they were content with the status quo. They were guaranteed a seat in the boat as long as they didn’t rock the boat. But today,  thanks to a monumental generational shift, this “ship-of-state” is  sinking like the Titanic.

In with the new generational style

Baby Boomers are retiring. Millennials are now accused of being “old school,” and the GenZers are called the “young whippersnappers.” This clash of generational and cultural values has turned the old management style on its head. 

Young captains of industry are as committed to corporate social responsibility as they are to corporate profits. And they’re less territorial than their predecessors, too. Millennials and GenZers see as much value in stewardship—taking good care of other people’s things—as they do in ownership. 

That’s because these whiz kids [aka upstarts] recognize that stewardship is more about serving the community than it is about being rich enough to have servants themselves. And they put their energy where their convictions are. Volunteerism and community service are literally lifestyles for millions of young executives and managers-in-training. 

Seeking common ground

To turn adversaries into allies, you need one of two things: a common enemy or a common goal—either will inspire passion and unity. Baby Boomers, Millennials, and GenZers have one common goal: giving. They all welcome opportunities to give back. For some managerial types, philanthropy is simply good publicity. But increasingly, even the most profit-driven executives see that the return-on-investment or ROI is worth the effort. And Magnovo’s charitable team building events make that effort fun!

Employee engagement and charity

Mission-Military-Care-ChildIs yours a military town? How many of your neighbors are deployed overseas? Our virtual Mission: Military Care Charitable Team Building Workshop provides care packages that some soldiers regard as “essential.” That’s because they’re often the only source of comfort and hygiene items. Novels, magazines, puzzle books, and even comic books. 

Non-perishable snacks like cookies, candy, nuts, chips, and dried fruit. Travel-size lotions, chapstick, and sunscreen. Toothbrushes and toothpaste, razors, deodorant, and other toiletries. Stationery and pens. Shipped overseas, these simple gifts will  make home feel closer for these courageous servicemen and women.

And stateside, there may be hundreds of veterans in your community with limited mobility. You could help them see the city sights and enjoy life more fully by providing something as simple as a wheelchair. We’re ready to work with you to make that happen through our virtual Wheelcharity Team Building Workshop

Thousands of disabled veterans are homebound because they can’t get around. Going to the corner market, cruising at a safe distance through the park—these are simple things that most of us take for granted. With your help, these disabled patriots can, too.

These are just two of the many charitable team building events Magnovo provides to make meeting your corporate social responsibility fun and fulfilling. Each virtual session is educational and enlightening.  As a result, you’ll learn and then practice new leadership techniques, and collaborative and communications skills. This will strengthen relationships among employees and make project teams stronger.

From the oldest to the youngest, giving back through charitable team building is what being a corporate professional is all about today. Employee engagement and charity: part of the modern business model.