Don’t Forget About Executive Team Building

Like any other employee, a member of the executive team can begin to feel burned out or overwhelmed. It can be hard to get back on track after losing sight of a goal, or trying to readjust strategy and objectives after poor quarterly or annual results. It can be equally hard, albeit in a different way, to maintain the momentum after earning stellar quarterly or annual results. Executive team building can provide management staff with the tools and resources they need to recalibrate and move forward, no matter what the future holds.

Executive Team Building: Executives Have Unique Concerns

Executives, vice presidents, board members, and other upper level management staff members have significantly different job duties and responsibilities than ordinary front-line or office staff. The stakes are much higher for them, and in many cases, they may be rather isolated from other employees. After all, it’s not every day that the executive vice president of a company is having lunch with a quality analyst, account manager, or administrative assistant. Regular meetings during the course of ordinary workdays may not allow for the kind of in-depth introspection or self-analysis needed for effective change.

Executive Team Building

Company-Wide Events Aren’t Enough

Ordinary team building programs may not be conducive to solving the kinds of problems faced by executives. Sure, it’s great for them to show up and the regular staff needs to see them there. However, it’s not likely that many of them will get something significant or meaningful out of it as far as positively influencing their own workload. Their sphere of influence is much different than front-line staff, and the scope of their responsibilities is much larger. Company-wide programs can be too broad and, well, shallow, for many executives.

Executive Team Building for Success

Programs oriented toward executives only can provide a setting where management members can discuss issues and challenges freely. Bigger picture concepts, such as long range budgeting, visioning, or strategic planning can be developed candidly. A renewed look at company goals and objectives through the lens of collaboration, problem solving, and trust can provide attendees with a more solid understanding of the roles within the company, how they work together, and their ultimate purpose; this can be especially useful for executives whose company has recently undergone any kind of dramatic change, such as a takeover, downsizing, or merger.

Customized Solutions

A customized executive team building program can provide an effective and needed ‘re-set’ button for executives, giving management staff renewed clarity, focus, and drive. Program components like assessments and feedback, tailored to a particular group’s needs, can improve executives’ ability to understand, direct and support the workflow of all staff under their responsibility, while still working collaboratively with fellow executives toward shared goals.