Does Donald Trump Have Team Leader Qualities?

Right now, we need people at all levels who have the right team leader qualities.

But from the classroom to the board room and in the political arena as well, sometimes it’s hard to know what those qualities really are.

Does Donald Trump Have Team Leader Qualities?

What is leadership, anyway?

Fist pumping and always acting confident make you look like a leader, but that’s certainly not all it takes.  In fact, if all a leader can do is act like a leader (reassuring, giving great speeches, confident) then he’s not necessarily being a leader.

No matter what type of organization you lead, the future is always uncertain.  That means sometimes a leader won’t be all those things…confident, calm, and high-performing.  Sometimes a leader must act humble, be hesitant, or question the status quo.

The job of a leader is to focus people on a mission.

Leaders have power, but taking that power is not the goal: giving power is what makes a truly great organization.

True leadership qualities include the ability to instill a sense of purpose in the people who work for you.  That means having the ability to “speak” about your vision to your team on all levels and from several angles.

Politics aside, let’s take a look at Trump.

Trump is confident, successful, and dominant in every way.  He certainly looks the part of a leader.  But what really counts is what goes on behind the scenes.  If Trump is truly a good leader, he’s:

  • breathing life into his team
  • encouraging them to imagine new possibilities
  • focusing his team on the meaning of their work
  • making it possible for his team to take risks

It can all be summed up in one word: empowerment.

The Ability to Empower is the King of all Team Leader Qualities

So is Trump a good leader?  It’s hard to say.  The answer lies within the minds of his employees.

You’d have to ask those who work for the Trump Organization LLC. whether they feel empowered.  Do they feel meaning in their work?  Is there a higher purpose to what they do in the Trump Tower headquarters in NYC?  Perhaps, because it’s possible in any environment, even the corporate world where acquisition rules the day and the bottom line dictates the decision-making process.

Politics aside, if Trump’s team leader qualities include empowerment, then yes we can say he’s been a good leader.  How about you- do you empower your team or do you simply act the part?