The “Do-Over” Proposal

As a kid playing ‘hoops’ with my friends was fun. When I missed a basketball shot, by saying ‘Do-Over’ I was immediately given the ball again to try and score. (Well, almost immediately, my friend Timmy wasn’t the most gracious, but it did it because he expected the same in return.) My failed attempt was gone, forgotten all because of my plea for a ‘Do-Over’.

The “Do-Over” ProposalThese days life is harder, not only because of our fast-paced lives. Economic times may make colleagues more stressed, too many activities and pressure take a toll on business and personal relationships so we all have a tendancy to be too harsh with each other.
Please understand that I believe we need all to have high standards and I am in no way condoning slackers, cheaters, abusers or unethical practices. I hold myself and others accountable to give their personal best efforts in everything we do!
But after traveling to many countries, cultures, corporate & small businesses, meeting families of every shape and size I have noticed a growing trend of personality intolerance. Too many times, if there is a personality issue or conflict we have a tendency to ‘write off’ that person. “You get one shot and that’s it – I’m done with you! ” Sound familiar?I propose that we each take a step back to the days when we gave someone another chance. Grant forgiveness to the person who said the wrong thing at the wrong time, or didn’t follow the agenda in the meeting.

Perhaps you’re reading this because you saw the webpage listed on the back of a business card. For those who didn’t, I have ” ‘Do-Over’ I’m sorry, please give me another chance” printed on the back of my business cards. I give these out when I facilitate personality or leadership classes. It’s one way to spread the ‘Do-Over’ proposal and it’s been great to see the positive responses from the folks that have tried it. And after conducting these workshops all over the world, I’ve learned this concept can be used universally.I realize it may not seem difficult, but it’s harder than you think when you apply it. Ask for a ‘Do-Over’ from someone who is unhappy with you, they just might grant the chance. So I challenge you, your family and/or organization to grant a ‘Do-Over’ and hopefully one will be granted when you need it. If we can start this trend, it could lead to much bigger, more positive environments for all of us!