DIY Team Building Activities Part 1

There are some great DIY activities for team building out there if you’re trying to strengthen your work environment. There are also some awful ones. The problem is knowing how to tell the difference!

Everyone knows that teamwork is crucial for any work environment. Team building exercises are a great way to transform a group of employees into one cohesive unit. However, these activities are not going to be as effective if they’re the equivalent of pulling teeth.

Need some casual DIY ideas for team building? Here’s the first of our two-part series detailing some great tips for informally building your team’s bonds without being a bore. Just keep in mind, for the real work of building teams, it’s going to take a lot more than bonding activities like these.

DIY Team Building

Activities for Team Building Need to Be Engaging

Let’s face it: a lot of team building exercises are outright lame. They’re either boring, awkward, or both. Nobody is going to want to participate if these activities are uninspired, or worse yet if they’re little more than an excuse to leave the office for a few hours.

It’s not easy to come up with a fun activity that also reinforces teamwork and collective problem solving (that’s why there are professionals!). You’re going to have to work hard to find an activity that’s equal parts entertaining and engaging. While it may be difficult, it’s not impossible. In fact, keeping your team bonding activities from becoming boring might be less of a challenge than you think.

Get Out of the Office to Build those Bonds

Let’s face it: one of the biggest benefits of going to work every day is getting to go home. Even “fun” workplace environments aren’t as comfortable as some place that isn’t work. That’s why one of the best team bonding strategies involves getting together someplace other than the office.

This one is less about what you do than it is where you do it. Whether it’s organizing a team for your local bar’s trivia night, meeting every Friday down at the bowling alley, or reserving a regular table at your local coffee shop, the key here is finding a place where you can be comfortable and be yourselves but also engage in an organized activity that helps build teamwork. If you like hanging out with colleagues in your off-hours, you’ll like going to work with them as well. Bonds forged outside of the office translate into greater synergy during work hours, after all.

Want more great tips for DIY team building? Check out part two of this article series!