How Well Do You Know Your DiSC® Personality Types?

If you’ve never encountered DiSC® personality types before, then chances are you might be missing out on a wonderfully effective tool for management.

How Well Do You Know Your DiSC® Personality Types?

Managers love our DiSC® workshops because DiSC® profiles offer them a way of describing human behavior (observable behavior only) in certain situations.  How we influence others, how we respond to criticism, our preferred work pace, and other observable behavior are all described by the four major DiSC® personality types.

So if you’re new to DiSC® and personality training, this can be a way to get a quick glimpse into the kind of insight these workshops offer.

But for those who are already enjoying the benefits of DiSC® training for teams, here’s a quick way to measure your progress in learning the system.

Test Your Knowledge of DiSC® Personality Types

  • If you’re in sales and you have a C-style customer, what’s more important: (a) giving them lots of clear information or (b) getting to know them and making a friendly atmosphere for shopping? (answer: a).
  • What’s more important to a person with i-style? (a) quality or (b) a democratic relationship? (answer: b).
  • Conflict arises with a S-style.  Should you (a) avoid emotional responses and chaotic scenes altogether or (b) be patient and be diplomatic?  (answer: b)
  • As a manager of an S-style, what’s more important when assigning a task: (a) clear instructions on how to do the task step by step, or (b) plenty of time to finish? (answer: b)
  • If you have a C-style on your team, what is more important to him or her?  (a) that the job get done accurately or (b) that he or she takes quick and decisive action? (answer: a).
  • Which is more important to the i-styles on your team: (a) that they are popular or (b) that they are correct or (c) that they are accepted by the group?  (answer: a)
  • If you are a C-style, are you (a) warm (b) predictable (c) strong willed or (d) diplomatic?  (answer: d)
  • If you want to motivate a particular individual on your team and you know that of the 4 main DiSC® personality types she is a D, how do you motivate her?  (a) give her a task she can win at (b) tell her her work is very high quality (c) put her on a team where she gets along with everyone (answer: a).

Hope you enjoyed that short refresher on your DiSC® personality types… want to brush up, or want to introduce your team to the amazing insights offered by a DiSC® workshop?  Give us a call!