DISC Personality Training at Milestone AV Technologies

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Not long ago we conducted a DISC personality training workshop for Milestone AV Technologies. It turned out to be quite a milestone for our Magnovo team as well.

Milestone is part of the Legrand conglomerate which is an acquisitions titan. Milestone designs innovative audiovisual display and mounting products. Their product line includes groundbreaking solutions to data management, multimedia presentation, and even energy efficiency.

Their mission is “…to provide the foundation for amazing AV experiences through innovative solutions and exceptional service that solve our customers’ AV integration and technology challenges.”

As customer-centric as this mission statement seems, Milestone AV Technologies understands that without a strong staff this mission is impossible.

So they did something that’s unheard of among corporations of this magnitude. They brought Magnovo in to conduct a one-on-one  DISC personality training workshop with one of its top managers.

This company invested time, resources, and money in his personal development. This was an employee they valued and from whom they benefited financially. But Milestone values corporate culture over cash! They actually want people to want to work there!

The power of  DISC personality training

The DISC acronym refers to four personality types: Dominant, Influential, Steady or Supportive, and Conscientious.

Magnovo had done a number of  DISC personality training workshops with Milestone over the years. So they value our expertise, and our facilitator’s ability to motivate people beyond their comfort zone.

They value the quality of the training and the results. This time they asked for a DISC-based session with someone whose personality conflicted with his subordinates and superiors.

Our facilitator spent several hours with him discussing his own personality type and better ways of dealing with certain situations. He was very analytical, but also very driven. That equals dominant with a capital D.

When things didn’t go his way his aggressive personality caused conflicts among the staff. For people like this who are both analytical and dominant, communication can be an Achilles heel. Data analysis and management was his strength; collaboration and cooperation were serious weaknesses.

Paradoxically and somewhat ironically, he was successful and his department was very productive. Their numbers were up so company profits were up. Nonetheless, Milestone cares more about culture.

Core values and corporate culture

The term “corporate culture” has become a buzzword for all kinds of things–mostly toxic and stress-filled. But the executives at Milestone get “it.” They connect the dots between increased productivity and increased employee engagement. They recognize that the bottom line will only grow if their workers are free to grow and even flourish.

Their core values connect the dots within their corporate culture. They focus on customers, integrity, teamwork, personal and professional development, and empowerment and accountability.

For their customers, each experience should exceed their expectations. But this can only happen if the company operates in integrity. Integrity requires teamwork where everyone is on the same mission.

Teams only work when each member is fully engaged and given room to grow personally and professionally. Growth requires continuous learning, training, and development. Ongoing professional development facilities empowerment and accountability.

Milestone AV Technologies executives recognized the value of one employee and invested in the company’s future by investing in his growth. They saw “it” in him.

The company wanted this manager to get “it,” too. Milestone wanted him to use a carrot instead of a stick to spur his staff along. They wanted him to inspire his team to excel, not frighten them into higher performance.

The Dominant personality as an asset

DISC can help managers identify assets and work out liabilities in employees. And make no mistake: Dominant employees can be invaluable to any company’s bottom line.

Dominants are compelled to excel. They are usually decisive and direct. They are courageous when the company needs to take a risk. Self-starters. Big picture thinkers. Visionaries.

The Dominant personality type thrives on new challenges. They’re deadline driven and budget conscious. In the heat of battle, they’re fantastic at keeping their cool and solving problems. Their drive to succeed is all consuming.

The Dominant personality as a liability

Managers like this can also drive everyone up the wall. Their level of self-confidence can seem like arrogance. They are eager to lead but chafe at following.

Dominants often supersede their authority by deciding what the program should be. They prefer to dictate which direction to take and how to get there. And they want to set the pace–no stragglers please. Just get with their program and keep up.

DISC personality training can help managers better understand how to bring out the best in every member of their team. For example, Dominants need clear boundaries and directives. And they thrive in environments where their achievements are acknowledged.

DISC can also help employees become more self-aware. It can teach them how to modify their communications skills and collaborative behavior. And it can boost their morale.

Our facilitator’s time was well spent. This Milestone manager learned that patience is a professional asset as well as a personal virtue. He learned how to apply newly learned leadership skills. And he began to adopt behavioral patterns to help him be less controlling and more supportive to his subordinates.