DISC Personality Guide to Teambuilding During the Holidays

holiday event

The holiday season can be stressful for a whole host of reasons. And teambuilding during the holidays can be particularly challenging. But understanding the personality types on your team can make these dicey waters easier to navigate.

How DiSC® Training Can Boost Engagement at WorkNo doubt, your staff is a cornucopia of characters spread across the DISC personality spectrum. DISC is an anagram for Dominant, Influential, Steady, and Conscientious.

Your Dominants probably think they have the inside track on how to make a profit during the holidays. All they want is for everybody else to buy in.

Surely your Influencer is already planning the party of the century, right? He’s got a list as long as your arm of party favors, games, and networking opportunities–hang the budget!

Meanwhile, your Steadiest and most Conscientious bean counters are in their cubicles wringing their hands over such a reckless plan! They’re the ones who’ll be saddled with ordering all the food, drinks, decorations, and reconciling the accounts afterward! You can feel their stress levels going up already!

And then there’s you, Forrest Gump with a box of chocolates. You don’t know what you’re going to get out of them despite your best attempts at teambuilding during the holidays.

Teambuilding during the holidays as therapy

How would you like to transform all that craziness and strife into something sane, sensible, and simple? Voila: charitable teambuilding during the holidays is the best way to eliminate the stress and restore the joy of the season.

Hospital HelpersConsider a charitable teambuilding workshop like our Hospital Helpers.

Imagine being stuck in the hospital throughout the holidays! Cancer patients. Long-term patients with no family nearby. Now imagine you and your company coming to the rescue.

You can make a huge difference to some of the patients in your neck of the woods through our Hospital Helpers care packages.

Many of us have been there, and know how great it is to have lotion, hand sanitizer, lip balm, or eye drops when you need them.

Dry shampoo. Body wash. A colorful hair scarf. A mini-makeup kit for those visits from that special someone.

Nothing says cozy and comfy like fuzzy socks and flannel throws.

Puzzle books, magazines, novels, sketch pads, journals, colorful pens, and markers–they can make the time go by faster and be more enjoyable.

Stationery, cards, and postage are a must if friends and family are far away. Digital frames full of family pics can make loved ones feel so close.

And where permitted, oil diffusers or candles can transform the atmosphere of any hospital room.

Charitable giving benefits the giver

Forget about frantically scrambling to stage a party no one will remember the next day. Instead, pool your talents and direct all that anxious energy toward something meaningful. An act of kindness that no one will ever forget.

Our workshop facilitators can help you customize the Hosptial Helper packages to reflect what your team cares about most. And during the workshop, they’ll learn more about one another–stuff they don’t get to see when they’re in “work mode.”

That’s the magic of teambuilding during the holidays through charitable giving. Everyone focuses on other people who need help, support, and kindness.

At every stage of the process, you and your team will better understand the most Dominant among you. Your Steadiest staffer may find he has something in common with your never-met-a-stranger Influencer.

Everybody’s communications and collaboration skills will be refreshed. Your leadership skills will be showcased in a new light.

Charitable giving is transformative. It can turn your efforts at teambuilding during the holidays this year into the smartest investment you’ve made in a long time. Happy holidays.