DiSC and the Art of Team Building

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Because you’re reading this, I think it’s pretty safe for me to assume that you’re at least 25 years old, which means you’ve had at least 2-and-a-half decades of experience as a human being. And yet here you are looking for a roadmap, blueprint, or any other navigational system that can help you understand your own species better.

DiSC creates self-awareness

Ironic isn’t it? The older you get, the harder it gets to make sense of other human beings especially if they’re different—generationally, ethnically, sexually, socially, culturally, intellectually, and on and on and on. So many differences and so few clues about how to figure out and accept those differences. In the workplace, this problem isn’t merely awkward or inconvenient. It can hamstring your career. It can cost your company profits.

Who you are starts in your head. Your age, race, gender—they shape your self-image. Processing all of this information determines how you see yourself. And here’s the kicker:  your level of self-awareness and self-acceptance will determine how you filter information about other people—and how willing you are to accept other people just as they are! 

What does DiSC have to do with it? 

Well, DiSC is a tool based on the 4 basic personality types which can help you understand yourself and your colleagues better. Dominant. Influential.Supportive. Conscientious. 

Some of us are more Dominant. Some super Supportive. But we’re all a combination of 1 or more of these personality styles. Think “mixed nuts.” But that doesn’t mean we’re all nuts!

 It’s recognizing who and how you are that may help you understand why you feel, speak, and behave the way you do. And once the veil is lifted so that you see yourself more clearly, you’ll be able to understand and accept other people as well.  

DiSC builds bridges

First, let’s forget about where you are on the food chain at work. It’s not unimportant, it’s just that it’s not definitive. That is, you can lead from any position in the company if you understand where you fit into the “big picture,” and you take ownership of the company’s mission statement. 

But there’s still the matter of how you fit into the smaller picture of day-to-day interactions with coworkers. If you’re an uber-Dominant goaltender who expects everyone to give 200 percent 24/7, you may be frustrated by your more Conscientious but less ambitious colleagues. 

If you’re the Supportive type, you may still find it challenging to meet the goals of someone who intimidates you or who overwhelms you with deadline pressure.

Magnovo’s DiSC personality discovery training 

The good news is that your team building efforts will get easier if you’re willing to do the hard work of building one-on-one relationships. For example, you may need professional development training a la Magnovo on how to improve your communications skills.

Are you too courteous to know when and how to speak up? Don’t worry about it. Prepare for the adventure of doing something about it with Magnovo’s help!

Are you more curt than courteous? Don’t get defensive! Own it and use Magnovo’s DiSC personality discovery training to fix it!

Too much of a hassle? Why should you bother? Just think about this: an investment in understanding your own DiSC personality profile and those of your teammates can make you more effective at your job and ultimately make your company more money. So your ROI is assured!

And remember DiSC personality training is not about picking on you or highlighting all of your flaws. It also highlights your strengths and makes you more aware of what a valuable asset you are! You’re worth it, so go for it!