Developing Team Building Qualities by Building Relationships

Team connectivity results in team building qualities. No, we’re not referring to your Blackberry or your I-gizmos, nor your emails and texts here. Technically speaking, technology can bind you to people, but it can become more like bondage, unless of course, you’re in a healthy professional relationship with them.

A key to increased productivity and creativity in the workplace is connectivity. When you, as a leader, help to create a healthy corporate culture, the sparks of synergy ignite.

Synergy is achieved when you bring together the right series of elements and the final result or effect is greater than the sum of those individual contributing parts. That’s true connectivity and that’s a recipe for success.

Developing Team Building Qualities by Building RelationshipsSo how, when people can feel so disconnected and disaffected, do you achieve connectivity? The glue that binds people in the workplace is often encouraging full participation in a shared purpose or goal. A total buy-in binds people together automatically because they all share the same vision as well as a stake in the outcome. Everyone’s role may not be equal, but each role is clear, it’s valued, and it’s connected.

Paradoxically, looking beyond your workplace to positively impact your community is a sure fire way of developing more dynamic team building qualities inside your workplace. Why? Because doing your best for someone else makes you the best person you can be. Generosity, support, and goodwill–you get back what you give freely.

Success in business is not just about who you know, but how you know them–that is in what context you know them.  Granted that their role in the workplace and their place in the corporate hierarchy are important. But equally crucial is your insight into who they are as fellow human beings. That’s where charitable team building events can provide a window into the souls of your coworkers.

You could pull together to build a bicycle for a needy child. You could donate school supplies to underprivileged students. Or at the other end of the spectrum, you could build and give a wheelchair to a grateful senior citizen. There are many ways to let your light shine and be a blessing in your community.

Working together to donate gifts–both luxury items and basic necessities–can cast your colleagues in a whole new light and redefine your relationships with each one of them. Our charitable workshops can level the playing field, making each participant an equally valued member of the team. Opening your heart to your community through participation in one of our charitable workshops can open your eyes to the best professional and personal qualities among your teammates.