DaVita Mixes Team Building With Giving in San Antonio

DaVita’s Risk Mitigation Department enjoyed a river-front view for their Wheelcharity™ Workshop this Spring. They’d gathered to mix fun, charity, and team building… some of the things we do best!

The San Antonio Riverwalk Inspired Great Things

DavitaThe Hotel Contessa on the River Walk offered us a great space to hold our charity workshop event. The room was perfect, with lots of open space for our hands-on activities to take place.

This group from DaVita was comprised of a fun selection of employees from the risk mitigation department. They ranged from analysts to bio-med techs to nurses and administrators, many of whom were new to the group.

As is always the case with newly-formed groups, there was a certain degree of mystery. In this case, the mystery was about how everyone would react to our hands-on team building activities.

The short answer: they loved it!

One of the reasons they loved their workshop with us was because everything we did actually spoke to their goals. Those goals were:

  1. have a great time (check!)
  2. give back in a significant way (yup- see below!)
  3. get to know one another while learning how to communicate and think creatively to successfully to accomplish several tasks (ahh… Yes!)

Let’s see just how all three goals were met…

Interactive Challenges Help the Group Achieve Goals 1 and 3

Reactions to one event ranged from laughter to joy. The group was split in half, competing to pass a ball around the group with specific rules. Various personality characteristics were highlighted through this “safe” and very fun activity. Goal 1: done!

Split into even smaller teams, the group then was able to move a little outside their individual comfort zones. The challenge involved creating a presentation that would entertain everyone else. It’s the kind of challenge that encourages everyone to stretch and grow in ways that help form strong teams at work. Goal 3: done!

Goal 2: Wheelchairs Went to the San Antonio Military Medical Center Fisher House

The group from DaVita was able to complete six whole wheelchairs for their charity. The San Antonio Military Medical Center Fisher House was, of course, very appreciative. Wheelchairs are surprisingly expensive!

The representative from Fisher House arrived and delivered a fantastic presentation, including some great stories for the group. Her focus on the people benefiting from the day’s wheelchairs was a thoughtful touch. The DaVita group appreciated learning how their donations would make a difference, and we called it a day, happy all our goals were met.